In the news: CBC’s cancellations

From John Doyle of the Globe and Mail:

  • CBC axes Hockey Wives, jPod
    “However, the cancellation of Intelligence, which concluded its second season last November, is likely to be the most bitter disappointment for viewers. About a Vancouver drug baron named Jimmy Reardon and his intricate relationship with the CSIS, the show drew about 350,000 viewers each episode, but it was widely praised for its complexity and compelling intrigue. Made by Haddock Entertainment, which also made the Da Vinci’s Inquest series, it has been sold to several dozen countries and is under consideration for a remake as a U.S.-set series for the Fox network.” Read more.

7 thoughts on “In the news: CBC’s cancellations”

  1. Cancelling Intelligence is absolute BS! The CBC had the BEST show on TV, and they cancel it?

    Please continue it on another network Chris Haddock, make it even better and show those nimrods at the CBC what they missed out on!!

  2. JPOD is a great show! CBC has their heads us their asses when it comes to dumping good programs. Whenever I see something on CBC that I like I now know that it’s doomed. If it appeals to a 26 year old and not an 86 year old CBC will cancell it! PLEASE continue JPOD on another station!

  3. And I’ll stick up for MVP. The only show I watch regularly on CBC is canceled.

    Don’t think I’ll be bothering with any of the replacements in the wings…

    I think I’m also in the desired demo but I’m in my early 40s.

  4. I’ll second the sticking up for MVP. I’m truly disappointed this was literally the only show other than NHL hockey that I have ever or probably will ever watch on CBC. I think it was truly a mistake for them to cancel it. They’ve finally got an audience of young adults watching their station and they cancel it. BIG MISTAKE CBC. I’m really hoping some other station will pick it up. Please please continue it somewhere else!

  5. MVP was a stupid rip off of the american desperate housewives. JPOD, alternately, was truly canadian content in addition to being witty and bold. Shame on the CBC for being so short sighted.

  6. JPOD and MVP are awesome. JPOD is one of the first Canadian shows to have me tuning in every week. It’s unique and hilarious. MVP is not at all like desperate housewives, but it was nice to see a show about lives of hockey players, something Canadian in nature. Better than yet another drama about crime or hospitals.

  7. No! I just got into jPod two weeks ago! You can’t take it away from me now! It’s a word of mouth show; those take time to build their audiences. I should know, I’m living proof!

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