In the news: Crunching CBC’s demographics

From Alex Strachan of Canwest Media breaks down the demographics of CBC’s year:

  • Crunching CBC’s numbers: the how and why behind CBC’s fall renewals
    “Layfield has her work cut out for her. And she’s actually doing a lot with very little. While culture snobs decry LCD (lowest common denominator) fare like MVP, The Border and The Week the Women Went, the fact is that CBC is trying to become relevant to a mass audience, and not just intellectuals, lefties and culture snobs.” Read more.

One thought on “In the news: Crunching CBC’s demographics”

  1. I left a comment under this column on the site but mysteriously has not appeared.
    Maybe it’s because I pointed out Global should be ashamed of themselves. Strachan says he finds it ‘indefensible’ that CBC can bid on Olympics and prosports, while Global has made crazy money by simulcasting American shows (which CBC does not do) and has put very little into Canadian development.

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