Upcoming episode: This Hour Has 22 Minutes, CBC, March 11

This week on 22 Minutes…

Mark Critch talks to co-host of ‘Coach’s Corner’ Don Cherry during his visit to Nova Scotia and ‘On Your Side’ correspondent Nathan Fielder spends time with an Animal Psychic.

This Hour Has 22 Minutes with audience favorites Cathy Jones, Gavin Crawford, Mark Critch, Shaun Majumder and Geri Hall airs Tuesday, March 11, 2008 at 8:30 pm on CBC Television.

This Hour Has 22 Minutes is produced by Halifax Film, a DHX Media company in association with CBC Television. www.cbc.ca/22minutes


3 thoughts on “Upcoming episode: This Hour Has 22 Minutes, CBC, March 11”

  1. Great dead pan comic Nathan Fielder brings out the best in all of of su. AS backwards as life is, he pulls me in with him – along with the unsuspecting interviewee. What will he do next? I tape the shows if I’m not in, just to catch him. Great find, great looks, and great comic timing. He’ll have his own show someday!

  2. Nathan:
    Your pieces get in the show almost every week. You don’t have to resort to posting under an assumed name.

    Mark Farrell

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