Ratings and Renewals: Sophie, The Guard, Da Kink in My Hair, The Best Years

From Bill Brioux at TV Feeds My Family:

  • Sophie2Can Sophie Survive Survivor?
    “Did CBC jump the gun on that Sophie renewal? Ever since CBC announced they were picking up two of their four January starts, Sophie and The Border, the rookie comedy series, starring Mimi Kuzyk and Natalie Brown (right), has been sinking like a rock. This Wednesday it was down to 290,000 viewers.” Read more.

  • Global Keeps its Guard Up
    “Global announced today that it is renewing three of its rookie shows: The Guard, ‘Da Kink In My Hair and the summer series The Best Years. Hey, the more Canadian shows the better, jobs are jobs and this news keeps people working in Vancouver and Toronto. But Global’s release suggests that these renewals are “based on solid statistics of the first seasons.” Perhaps, but in the case of ‘Da Kink at least, earning brownie points before the CRTC had to be a factor.” Read more.