Durham County comes to Global

From a Global media release:

durhamDurham County, the emotionally powerful Canadian Original drama series makes its Global debut Monday, May 19 – 10pm ET/PT. Starring Hugh Dillon (Trailer Park Boys: The Movie), Durham County revolves around Detective Mike Sweeney and his family as he hunts a serial killer he’s certain is the guy across the street. As Sweeney hunts down his murderous neighbour, the differences between the cop and the killer become blurry. With a shared history that goes all the way back to high school, Sweeney learns you can’t always leave your past behind. Durham County also stars Justin Louis (Saw IV), Helene Joy (ReGenesis) and Greyston Holt.


One thought on “Durham County comes to Global”

  1. I watched the first episode tonight, May 19, of Durham County. I have never seen anything more powerful than this show. I am a true crime reader and this show was as good, if not better, than any of the true crime books I have read. It was real. It wasn’t a superficial, over-dramatized mystery. I will certainly be tuning in to the next episodes. I am proud that it is also Canadian with such great quality. Kudos to this production.

    H. Duncan

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