In the news: 22 Minutes’ Strombeshi

From Robert Cushman of the National Post:

  • This Hour has 60 minutes
    “Recently, This Hour took on The Hour, and you can still see the results on YouTube. This Hour Has 22 Minutes aired a sketch entitled “Strombeshi,” in which an actor impersonating George Stroumboulopoulos gets together with an actor impersonating Jian Ghomeshi for a half-imaginary TV show in which “we talk about ourselves.” It’s a love-in between two guys congratulating themselves on being what it’s probably no longer cool to call cool: on being young and successful and having daily or nightly shows of their own. (“You’re great.” “No, you’re great”.) It’s pretty funny, especially when faux-Jian congratulates faux-George on the number of bands he wears on his wrist to signify his devotion to various charitable causes, one of them being “rubber depletion due to excessive wristbands.” George also spends a lot of time expecting a text-message from Bono, which impresses Jian even when no message arrives.” Read more.