In the news: The end of Corner Gas

From Barb Pacholik of the Star Phoenix:

  • Corner Gas’s hometown pumps up legacy
    “Corner Gas will be closing up shop, but some who have helped build businesses or careers with the hit made-in-Saskatchewan TV show are hoping its legacy will long outlive its demise.” Read more.

From CTV:

  • Comedy coming to an end on ‘Corner Gas’
    “”I didn’t want the show to go too long,” Butt told Seamus O’Regan during an interview on CTV’s Canada AM. “The only way to do that was to keep my eyes and ears open… I really think the time is now.” Read more.

From Bill Harris of Sun Media:

  • ‘Corner Gas’ calling it quits
    “Corner Gas is turning off its pumps. We know prices are rising, but this is just cruel. It’s enough to make you want to grab Brent Butt by his baby-blue lapels and scream, “Jackass!” Read more.