X-Weighted returns for season three

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  • Season III premieres Wednesday, May 7 on SLICE

XweightedA record-setting 809 lbs. came off the scales in Season III of X-Weighted, Sliceâ„¢’s hit weight-loss documentary series which starts airing 13 brand new episodes starting Wednesday May 7 at 8 p.m. ET/PT. This year’s record is also being celebrated as a personal success for one participant who, by losing 113 lbs in six months, set the all-time weight-loss record for X-Weighted and its predecessor Taking it Off.

X-Weighted is a series of 13 one-hour documentaries chronicling the lives of ordinary people waging a war on fat. Over a period of six months they push their minds and bodies to new limits in the pursuit of physical and emotional health. X-Weighted exposes the naked truth about losing weight – the plans and pitfalls, gripes and grit that go hand-in-hand with achieving this often exasperating goal. Each episode delves deep to expose the underlying causes of weight gain and its affect on self-image, relationships and everyday life. X-Weighted provides a window into journeys of self-discovery as individuals struggle to drop their extra weight and excess baggage.

X-Weighted includes sometimes challenging guidance from experts in fitness, nutrition and self-esteem. Fitness Expert Paul Plakas advises on exercise and nutrition to all the participants. And self-esteem expert Fred Connors provides an honest mirror to participants in need of a mind-set adjustment to meet their goals. Holistic nutritionist Crystal Andrus gives guidance on diet and lifestyle choices to boost participant’s nutrition and health as they hit the homestretch.

“This series continues to inspire and engage audiences all over the world,” says Executive Producer Margaret Mardirossian of Anaïd Productions. “Weight loss is such a key issue in the journey to wholeness and health, and one that eludes so many of us. This year’s participants are the most courageous and colorful yet.”

Each episode follows a story from fatness to fitness, including four special episodes which feature duos who alternately motivate and sabotage each other as they try to lose weight.

On the scales in Toronto are:

  • Laurelle and Nicola – Joined-at-the-hip sisters vow to stop enabling one another to stay fat.
  • Chris – A fast food junkie and couch potato realizes after a cancer scare that while his body is failing him, he is failing his young daughter.
  • Kristi – A beer drinking tomboy vows to regain control of her weight and step back into the dating scene.

Shedding pounds in Winnipeg are:

  • Margaret and Kayla – A mother still reeling from the sudden loss of her son who joins forces with her teen daughter to lose weight and gain a deeper bond.
  • Maggie and Liz – Twenty-something sisters who have allowed their weight to make them old before their time decide it is time to shake things up by taking on a 65 foot ice wall.
  • Mike – A “sad clown” and morbidly obese young man battles his self loathing in hopes of beginning his married life fit and healthy.
  • Andrea and Carrie – Best friends and neighbours who bond through food take drastic steps to redefine their relationship and their bodies.
  • Tammy – An emotional eater grieving the loss of her brother vows that she will not die from fat.

Cutting out the calories in Calgary meet:

  • Debbi – A stay-at-home mother of three locked in a tumultuous marriage struggles to make herself a priority.
  • Jamila – An overachieving healthcare professional digs deep to uncover her inner athlete when she takes on a half Iron Man race.
  • Gaia (pictured) – An out-of-shape, roller derby mama battles her weight and self esteem issues to become a role model for her daughter
  • Melanie – A self-professed “giver” decides it’s time to start taking as she works her way back to a place of health and serenity.
  • Kristen – A musician who yearns to rock out fights the fat that holds her back on stage.

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  1. Just wanted to say that I watched this episode this evening (probably a repeat) but I was really inspired by watching Gaia. We definitely share some things in common (ie; self esteem issues) so it was awesome to see her work through it and never give up despite temptations. You are definitely an inspiration Gaia – keep up the good work!

  2. I love the show however living in Ottawa I think that they should come a bit farther East there are peopl;e here as well who need help.

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