In the news: Corner Gas not ending with a ‘bang’

From Bill Harris of Sun Media:

  • Corner Gas movie could be in the pipeline
    “The very real possibility of a Corner Gas movie means the TV series won’t end in apocalyptic fashion next year. “We’ve talked about doing a movie, which I like the idea of, and CTV seems to like the idea of, so I couldn’t end it with a meteor hitting the gas station or something,” said series creator and co-star Brent Butt.” Read more.

2 thoughts on “In the news: Corner Gas not ending with a ‘bang’”

  1. I was sooo disappointed to hear this! This show could have gone on many years, CG had from 13 to 19 episodes a season, about 1/2 of any American shows, thus, in 6 seasons, they filmed about 3 seasons worth of shows by American standards…..SOMEONE pleeeeeeease talk Brent into doing 4 more seasons (the equivalent of 5 US), THAT would be just about right…..And, what about Brent and Lacey? I WANT AN ENDING!!!!!!!!

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