In the news: Female screenwriters

From Gayle MacDonald of the Globe and Mail:

  • The hottest women not on TV
    “In the last 10 years, female screenwriters in Canada have made huge strides, muscling their way onto TV screens, leaving an indelible stamp on comedy, drama, and action series across network schedules. In fact, while women used to be a distinct minority in writing rooms, their numbers are now on par with men, who typically used to be hired to write action and comedy, while women were relegated to handle emotional and romantic scenes that required that “female touch.”” Read more.

One thought on “In the news: Female screenwriters”

  1. You know, sometimes I read stories and I wonder what planet I have been on because it is not the one described by the journalist. My first boss in the bizz (say 20 yrs ago) a woman, my second ditto. My third — the same and the creative head of the network, a woman. last year was the first time I ever worked on an all male writing staff, the writing staffs on all the shows I have ever worked on have had equal #’s of men to women and they have been shows in all different kinds of genres.

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