In the news: Intelligence DVD reviews

From Nathaniel Jonet of Blogger News Network:

  • Intelligence, Season One
    “Starting this April 29th, now available as a special edition boxed DVD collectors set from Acorn Media and Program Partners is the first season of one of the most ambitious Canadian television shows. Intelligence, Season One is now ready for you to take home. Enjoy the mean streets of Vancouver whenever you see fit.” Read more.

From Chris Neilson of DVD Talk:

  • Intelligence: Season One
    “The best new television crime drama since HBO’s The Wire came and went before many viewers south of the 49th parallel even heard of it. That show, originally aired by the Canadian Broadcast Corporation, was Intelligence. The series began airing in the summer of 2006, but was not renewed upon the conclusion of its second season. Fortunately, the pilot and first season are being released in a DVD box set by Acorn Media, with the final season hopefully to follow.” Read more.

One thought on “In the news: Intelligence DVD reviews”

  1. hbo always come up with the best shows. the problem is that they take a few months to kick in the UK and the buzz really takes off. if csi is anything to go by, then this should be an excellent series.

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