Upcoming series: X-Weighted Season 3, Slice, May 7

From a media release:

Episode 1 – “Trophy Wife Trials”

DEBBI’s story (Calgary)


  • Wednesday, May 7th, 8 pm ET


  • Wednesday, May 7th, 11 pm ET
  • Saturday, May 10th, 11 am ET
  • Sunday, May 11th, 7 pm ET
  • Wednesday, May 14th, 9 am ET

Debbi is a young mother of three who used to be hot stuff. Even now she pictures herself as a pretty young thing – until she catches her reflection and is shocked by her own bulging body. Debbi knows her husband Chris is no longer attracted to her and she yearns to be the “trophy wife” on his arm. It is only once the pounds begin to melt away that Debbi realizes she is losing weight for the wrong person.