Canadian Idol results

From a media release:

Twenty Remain: First Canadian Idol Results of Season Revealed

The season’s first four competitors have beeneliminated from Canadian Idol, leaving 20 to compete next week for a coveted spot in the Canadian Idol Top 10. The following competitors have received the fewest votes following performances on Monday and Tuesday and will not be moving forward in the competition:

  • Lindsay Barr, 26, Halifax, Singer/Writer/Art Student
    Performed: Burning Love (Elvis Presley)
  • Shaun Francisco, 25, Vancouver, Coffee Shop Barista
    Performed: Yellow (Coldplay)
  • Tetiana Ostapowich, 25, Toronto, Session Singer/Songwriter/Server
    Performed: Feelings (Morris Albert)
  • Lindsay Robins, 21, Montreal, Singer/Songwriter
    Performed: River Deep Mountain High (Tina Turner)

Returning to the Canadian Idol stage to perform for viewer votes on Monday, June 30 and Tuesday, July 1 at 8 p.m. ET on CTV (go to to confirm local listings) are:

1. Lisa Bell, 27, Winnipeg, Coffee Shop Manager
2. Marie-Pierre Bellerose, 25, Quebec City, Bartender
3. Adam Castelli, 26, Hamilton, ON, Carpenter, Singer/Songwriter
4. Paul Clifford, 26, Port Moody, BC, Bartender
5. Jesse Cottam, 23, Calgary, Music Teacher, Musician
6. Katelyn Dawn, 19, Winnipeg, Singer/Songwriter
7. Mark Day, 20, Portugal Cove-St. Philips, NL, Student, Respite Care Worker
8. Martin Kerr, 25, Edmonton, Independent Singer/Songwriter
9. Omar Lunan, 29, Scarborough, ON, Registered Massage Therapist
10. Mitch MacDonald, 22, Port Hood, NS, Carpenter, Musician
11. Gary Morissette, 21, Fruitvale, BC, Musician, Construction Worker
12. Mookie Morris, 18, Toronto, Musician
13. Oliver Pigott, 27, Toronto, Singer/Songwriter
14. Sebastian Pigott, 25, Toronto, Actor, Writer
15. Jessica Sheppard, 22, Toronto, Visual Manager
16. Earl Stevenson, 23, Lloydminster, AB, Swamper for a Backhoe Operator
17. Katherine St-Laurent, 17, Otterburn Park, QC, Student
18. Theo Tams, 22, Lethbridge, AB, Student
19. Amberly Thiessen, 19, Seven Persons, AB, Student
20. Drew Wright, 28, Collingwood, ON, Musician, House Painter

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5 thoughts on “Canadian Idol results”

  1. The result show was great (exept the results), but I don’t like the return of the mixed performances, i’m sure we will have 9 boys et 1 girl (probably Amberly) for the top 10.

    Only women vote on Idol, little girls for the ideal boyfriend, and moms for ideal son.

  2. Glad that Paul Clifford made is so far. Interesting and different sounding voice, I like it.

  3. I’m very disappointed Omar was eliminated….don’t feel like watching the show anymore…why vote off someone like Omar with such a lovely voice…shame on Canada

  4. I am happy that Amberly is in the top 7. I do miss Katherine St.Laurent who was eliminated from the top 10, the two week of Canadian idol. I love Mark Day is a amazing person when you get know him and stuff about his family. Kathely Dawn was a good singer and she dresses very cool style and she is friends with all the girls who were in the Canadian Idol. The judges would be mad but I like Sass Jordon.

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