In the news: Helene Joy on Durham County

From Perth Now:

  • TV Guide: Drama close to home
    “Perth born Helene Joy was concerned about the level of violence in Durham County but was swayed by the fact that the six-part drama was written by a woman. ‘I was concerned about the level of violence when I first read the script – but get through the first 10 minutes and it is fine,’ says Joy.” Read more.
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4 thoughts on “In the news: Helene Joy on Durham County”

  1. “second series of Durham County set to start filming in September”

    Cool ! I did not know that !

  2. I’m being cautiously optimistic about that – I know scripts have been written but last I heard it wasn’t definitely going ahead. Maybe it is official now, but I haven’t seen that from official sources yet.

  3. That was a surprise to me, too. I figured it was just a one-shot deal, a 6-episode mini-series, over and out.

  4. I just LOVED the show. It was dramatic, realistic, incredible well played and just all in all a piece of quality TV. Basically it’s what television is meant to be, in my opinion.

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