In the news: Flashpoint coming soon

3From Rob Tripp of the Kingston Whig-Standard:

  • Hugh Dillon’s advice: Kingstonian trained with police for sniper role in Flashpoint
    “This might be the role Hugh Dillon was born to play. In a break from shooting what he thinks is episode 7, or maybe episode 8, of a new television series about an elite police tactical unit, the Kingston actor and musician talks enthusiastically about how he prepared to become officer Ed Lane, the so-called alpha male and crack sniper in a team of super cops who rescue hostages, stop terrorists and foil bomb makers.” Read more.

From Mike Hughes of

  • ‘Flashpoint’ adds drama to summer TV
    “Flashpoint is not your typical silly summer show. Its first episode has barely started and an angry man has taken a hostage. Police swarm, snipers aim. Death looms. This is fiction, but only slightly. ‘It was inspired by a real-life event,’ says Bill Mustos, one of the show’s producers.” Read more.

From Troy Rogers of The Deadbolt:

  • Finding the Flashpoint with Enrico Colantoni
    “Actor Enrico Colantoni has risen through the television ranks playing a variety of characters on both sides of the law. After beginning his career on a cop series back in 1987, Colantoni has appeared on some of the most popular shows on TV, most recently his long-running regular gig on Just Shoot Me and as Keith Mars on the teen detective series Veronica Mars. Now Enrico returns to the law enforcement universe for his starring role in CBS’s explosive new series Flashpoint, about an ETF tactical team that takes on gangs, rescues hostages, diffuses bombs, and keeps the city streets safe from big time crime.” Read more.

From Rob Owen of the Toledo Blade:

  • CBS’s interest in ‘Flashpoint’ questionable
    “If the network thought more highly of it, surely it would air sometime other than 10 p.m. EDT Friday in the summer, where it premieres this week. I’m sure the network is hoping to gain viewers by promoting it in Thursday-night episodes of “Swingtown,” but still, it’s low-rated Friday night, which is even lower-rated in summer.” Read more.