In the news: Hugh Dillon of Flashpoint

From Bill Harris of the Toronto Sun:

  • Warming to Flashpoint
    “Hugh Dillon has been playing cops and tough guys for so long, people might forget he can do other things. But the creators of Flashpoint, which debuts on Friday, July 11 on CTV and CBS, saw beyond Dillon’s sneer. That’s one of the main reasons the veteran Canadian actor was so keen on signing up.” Read more.



2 thoughts on “In the news: Hugh Dillon of Flashpoint”

  1. I LOVE Flashpoint it is one of the best new shows on TV. If CBS does not pick up the 2nd season then they are not very smart. It has great actors and just Love Hugh Dillion. Never liked a bald man before now they are driving me crazy. Please keep your head shaved Hugh you are one sexy man.

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