In the news: Flashpoint reviews

From Glen Schaefer of The Province:

  • In the zone on Flashpoint
    “Vancouver’s David Paetkau says there’s more to his latest TV role as a Toronto cop than just running and gunning. Paetkau, part of the ensemble as the new member of a Toronto police tactical unit in the new series Flashpoint, says the show delves into the psychological after-effects of police work.” Read more.

From Gayle Macdonald of the Globe and Mail:

  • Ripped from the headlines
    “The set of Flashpoint is stocked with sniper rifles, snake cameras and tasers, and the cast oozes machismo. This made-in-Canada police series is nothing if not authentic.” Read more.

From Jesse Kohl of Media in Canada:

  • Will one moment change everything?
    Flashpoint star Hugh Dillon’s face is on so many ads in so many places, you must feel like he’s moved into your head. CTV’s summer series – yes, the one that the Americans bought to air in “reverse simulcast” – is set to premiere in the 10 pm time slot on Friday, July 11.” Read more.

From Joe Amarante of the New Haven Register:

  • Good day, eh? Not for long in ‘Flashpoint’
    “Enrico Colantoni, who played a photographer in the series “Just Shoot Me” and the father of the title character in “Veronica Mars,” returns to series TV — and to his native Toronto — in the summer cop show “Flashpoint” at 10 p.m. Friday on CBS.” Read more.

From Alan Pergament of the Buffalo News:

From PopMatters:

  • Flashpoint: Series Premiere
    ““You know why we’re all here?” asks Sgt. Gregory Parker (Enrico Colantoni). “It’s about helping you. Do you understand? Help. Understand?” Actually, no. The man he’s trying to reach does not understand. He’s not close to understanding. It’s not enough that he’s Croatian and apparently speaks no English, but he’s also got a big gun in his hand, held close to the head of a whimpering blond office worker wearing pink. Add to that that the camera tends to circle him from below, the yellowy sky is laced with time-lapsed clouds, and worst of all, the soundtrack is filled with an ominous undertone and Muslim adhan—ever the sign of big fat trouble in Western mass media. ” Read more.

 From Cary Darling of the Denver Post:

  • Is “Flashpoint” more than a summer flash in the pan? Maybe
    “The new CBS summer drama “Flashpoint” is probably going to get lost amid all the reality-show hysterics, Olympics overload and political posturing that’s going to dominate TV this season. That’s too bad, because though it’s hardly groundbreaking or innovative, the Friday-night series deserves an audience and some time for its characters to grow.” Read more.

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