In the news: Even more Flashpoint reviews, interviews

From John Doyle of the Globe and Mail:

  • An action show that shoots and asks questions later
    Flashpoint (CTV, CBS, today, 10 p.m.) is far from being classic TV drama. It’s neither brilliant nor bad. It’s an attractive blend of high-octane action and very human drama. Essentially, it’s about the professional and personal lives of the team members of the Strategic Response Unit (SRU) in Toronto.” Read more.

From Tom Shales of the Washington Post:

  • Good Cop/Good Cop: CBS’s Lukewarm ‘Flashpoint’
    “Cops, cops, cops. How network television loves those cops, especially in prime time, where they’ve never had trouble finding air space. At CBS, executives sensed a crying need for more of the same old thing and here it is: “Flashpoint,” the story of a lovable SWAT team going righteously about its business in a big North American city.” Read more.

From Maria Kubacki of Canwest News Service:

  • A career at Flashpoint: Hugh Dillon is in demand
    “Once upon a time, Hugh Dillon was a hard-living punk rocker with what he describes as a “HUGE” alcohol and drug problem — experience he put to good use when he played a hard-living punk rocker in Bruce McDonald’s pseudo-rockumentary, Hard Core Logo.” Read more.

From Eric Kohanik of Canwest News Service:

  • Hugh Dillon gives arresting performance as tormented cop (again)
    “Hugh Dillon is an arresting rock singer and songwriter. He is an even more arresting actor. Dillon was amazing as tormented homicide detective Mike Sweeney on Durham County, a powerful six-part crime series that aired on Canadian pay TV last year and was repeated on Global earlier this year. He explores yet another complex and tormented character in Flashpoint, a Canadian action-drama series that makes its debut in both Canada and the U.S. tonight.” Read more.

From Mike Hughes of the Hub:

  • ‘Flashpoint’ brings police drama to summer TV
    “Flashpoint” is not your typically silly summer show. Its first episode has barely started and an angry man has taken a hostage. Police swarm, snipers aim, death looms. This is fiction, but only slightly. “It was inspired by a real-life event,” said Bill Mustos, one of the show’s producers.” Read more.

From Shannon Boyd of the Whistler Question:

  • David Paetkau shoots new series in Toronto
    “Flashpoint is a hot new summer television series starring the Sunshine Coast’s David Paetkau. The high intensity show examines the work and lives of a tactical team in Toronto as they deal with unpredictable and often violent situations that arise in the metropolis. Paetkau’s character Sam Braddock is the newest sniper on the team.” Read more.

From Tony Lofaro of the Ottawa Citizen:

  • Police series a dream come true for area actor
    “When actor Michael Cram switched agents five years ago, he was asked what kind of television work he was interested in doing and replied: an ensemble police drama. The Ottawa actor’s dream is finally realized tonight when he appears in Flashpoint, a CTV series that follows the exploits of a highly-skilled tactical SWAT team inspired by Toronto’s real-life Emergency Task Force. The 13-part Canadian series premieres tonight at 10 on CTV and at the same time on CBS in the United States.” Read more.

From Matthew Gilbert of the Boston Globe:

  • ‘Flashpoint’ resorts to usual suspects
    “”Flashpoint,” CBS’s new police drama, is just going through the motions. It goes through the motions quite competently and respectably. But it is nonetheless merely re-creating crime-series moves we’ve all seen many times before, with only the faintest afterimage of originality.” Read more.