In the news: The summer of Hugh Dillon

From Brian Gorman of the Brantford Expositor:

  • Hugh Dillon’s U. S. move helps conquer Canadian media
    “This has been the summer of Hugh Dillon on Canadian television. First, through the late spring and early summer, the Global Television Network was running Durham County, a very dark, very highly praised series about death and dysfunction in the suburbs, which starred Dillon as a troubled police detective.” Read more.

3 thoughts on “In the news: The summer of Hugh Dillon”

  1. Hugh Dillion is one sexy man. Flashpoint is now my favorite show. Hope CBS picks up the 2nd season.

  2. Me again just wanted to let you know I can hardly wait for Flashpoint’s 2nd season and the second season of Durham Country even though I live in the US I will buy the 2nd season like I did the 1st and since I got it I have watched it twice already and it is so good I will be watching it over and over as you Hugh make the show and I could watch you 24/7. Keep up the good work Hugh.

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