In the news: Hugh Dillon on Flashpoint renewal

From Andrew Ryan of the Globe and Mail:

  • Flashpoint star pumped for second season
    “‘Everyone involved in the show always expected we’d return for another season, but it still feels good to hear it,’ said Hugh Dillon, who plays police sniper Ed Lane on the series.” Read more.
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5 thoughts on “In the news: Hugh Dillon on Flashpoint renewal”

  1. There is one item mentioned in the Globe and Mail article that is not correct. Only CTV has renewed the series. CBS has not yet made a decsion whether to pick up Flashpoint for a second season in the U.S.

    This is confirmed by Variety Magazine in their article on the renewal. Variety clearly states that CBS has only committed to airing the first season at this time.

  2. My apologies…the reference regarding CBS comes from The Futon Critic announcement, not Variety. Vareity just ran an abbreviated form of the CTV Press Release.

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