Flashpoint US ratings, Sept. 11 episode

From a media release:

At 10:00 PM, FLASHPOINT was first in households (5.8/10), viewers (8.55m), adults 25-54 (2.9/07) and adults 18-49 (2.2/06), all series highs for the original summer drama. Compared to the last first run episode (on 8/21/08), FLASHPOINT was up +18% in households (from 4.9/08), +16% in both adults 25-54 (from 2.5/06) and in adults 18-49 (from 1.9/05) and added +1.34m viewers (from 7.21m, +19%).

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9 thoughts on “Flashpoint US ratings, Sept. 11 episode”

  1. Hi Diane, CBS announced the episode 9 the “season finale”
    What’s append with the 4 ep left (if they exist) ?

  2. I don’t know what’s happening … I don’t think CTV has released info on what’s happening after that one airs either, but I’m sure the 4 other eps do exist. I’ll post if I can get info.

  3. Maybe they don’t want move once again Flaspoint, the Thursday 10pm slot is not available until mid-october, ER start sept 25, and CBS’s 11th Hour start oct 9.

    CTV already done that with Instant Star, they stopped the second season affter 8 eps, and air 5 left before the third season the next summer.

    Maybe they want a long mid-season of 17 episodes in January, or a summer run with a early start in april-may

  4. The other four episodes exist. CBS has just put the show on “hiatus” while they roll out the new season. I suspect they are being held in reserve to fill a hole in the schedule when one of their new shows goes belly-up.

    CTV has no episode scheduled for the following week, and I suspect that they are merely following CBS’s lead. CTV had originally listed these latest two episodes for Sept 4th and 11th — a week ahead of CBS — but then bumped them back to simulcast with CBS.

    On the other hand, CTV’s announced fall schedule (seen at falltvpreview.com) has FLASHPOINT in the 10:00pm slot on Friday nights, so I don’t know if they’re planning to air the final four episodes ahead of CBS.

  5. I’m not making this a post because it seems to be speculation, but this was in Entertainment Weekly’s Ask Ausiello this week:

    Question: Do you know when CBS’ Flashpoint will be back? — Janice
    Ausiello: It’s the front-runner to take over The Ex List’s old Friday 9 pm time slot later this year or early next.

  6. Another FYI: New Zealand’s TV2 has another new episode, “Haunting the Barn”, scheduled for Nov 26th. That’s not a title I’ve seen given for any of the final four of the first season, so I assume it’s a retitling.

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