More on Being Erica

From Jaime Weinman of Macleans’ Magazine:

  • BEING ERICA Really Is “A Hotly Anticipated New Show”
    “One more thing about Being Erica, premiering tonight at 9: it’s very entertaining, and very promising — definitely worth a look. As I mentioned, it’s not always obvious from the marketing, but the producers have come up with a new twist on the “hot woman tries to get her life straightened out” genre represented by shows like Sophie and Samantha Who?, not just with the time travel stuff but with the addition of more real, credible emotion than you usually see on shows like this. ” Read more.
  • Being Erica is Like Quantum Leap, But Don’t Call It a Fantasy
    “But Erica‘s posters and tag lines don’t really tell you much of anything except that she’s “going back” to set things right — but the fact that the show is a time travel fantasy where she literally goes back in time to correct things in her past (call it a more self-centred version of Quantum Leap) is not obvious at all, at least in the print ads.” Read more.