In the news: Flashpoint returns

From Andrew Ryan of the Globe and Mail:

  • Flashpoint set to fan the flames
    “The heroes wear black and gunmetal grey in the high-stakes world of Flashpoint (Friday Dec. 9, CBS and CTV at 9 p.m.). Fashion options are limited when your work ensemble includes a flak jacket, utility belt and sniper rifle. Back from a limited but extremely successful test run last season, Flashpoint follows the life-and-death rescue missions of the Strategic Response Unit, an elite tactical group modelled after Toronto’s own Emergency Task Force.” Read more.

From the Canadian Press:

  • ‘Flashpoint’ returns, buoyed by successful summer run on CTV and CBS
    “When Flashpoint premiered last summer on CTV and CBS, a few U.S. critics dismissed the Canadian-produced cop show. The New Jersey Star-Ledger’s Alan Sepinwall wrote it off as ‘one of the lesser pop culture exports from our neighbours to the great white north.’ That was before Sepinwall, looking around for something to screen, popped in a second episode. Then a third, fourth and fifth. He became hooked, embracing the series as an old-fashioned, straight-ahead genre show, ‘hitting its targets as accurately as its sniper here, Ed Lane (Hugh Dillon).'” Read more.