Jon Dore Television Show returns Jan. 21

From a media release:

Jon Messes With His Head in the Return of THE JON DORE TELEVISION SHOW Premiering January 21, on The Comedy Network

Say hello again to TV’s Jon Dore as the Gemini-nominated comedian returns to The Comedy Network with more postcards from the edge in Season 2 of THE JON DORE TELEVISION SHOW, premiering Wednesday January 21, at 10 p.m. ET/PT. Get ready to ingest another 13 of Jon’s startling yet thought-provoking adventures as he tests his limits, and those of others, to discover the true meaning of life in this original Comedy Network production. Each uncomfortable moment from this off the wall series can be savoured again with encore episodes available on demand at

With the second coming of THE JON DORE TELEVISION SHOW, households across Canada are once again subject to Jon Dore’s unsettling, pseudo-realistic version of himself, as he contemplates life’s forks in the road or combats pressing global issues. In each 30-minute episode, Jon exposes his innards through a clever mixture of “real-life” interviews, and scripted scenes. A big part of his “growth” is owed to his psychotherapist Susan Lynne who tries to help Jon navigate through his disturbing thought process.

In the premiere episode, Jon fights discrimination. When Jon is told that he must pay to enter a night-club on “Ladies’ Night,” Jon is inspired to fight for the rights of white heterosexual men, and put an end to many years of discrimination.

This season Jon also tries to save the planet, has a medical scare, fights violence, gets haunted, and gets old.


2 thoughts on “Jon Dore Television Show returns Jan. 21”

  1. Im in love with Jon Dor, He thinks hot girls don’t watch his show but they do.
    I was depressed 8 min ago until Jon dor.
    I LOVE HIM ^_^
    It was totally worth the count down for the new episodes!!!
    He should just keep being random as hell~
    KEEP IT UP!!!

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