In the news: Total Drama Action debuts tonight

From Raju Mudhar of the Toronto Star:

  • Canadian cartoon show sucking ’em all back in
    “In the eyes of the many tween American fans of the Total Drama Island animated series, Canada sucks. First off, there’s obvious jealousy over this locally created series. The second season of the series, now titled Total Drama Action, debuts at 6:30 on Teletoon tonight, a good six months before the hit cartoon reality show – created by Liberty Village-based Fresh TV – returns to Cartoon Network in the U.S.” Read more.

19 thoughts on “In the news: Total Drama Action debuts tonight”

  1. OK this season rocks so far! I’m so happy that Trent and Gwen are in it XD they are my favorite characters!

  2. im from the u.s. havent seen it yet it comes out in like 3 months…wtf i want to see it!!!

  3. Come on that harsh to say Americans hate it. I’m from Michigan and I love the Total Drama series

    geoff,bridgette voted off first
    p.s izzy comes back and heather devolpsa huge crush on harold

  5. Spoilers

    1. Geoff and Bridgette
    2. Escope
    3. Trent
    4. Gwen
    5. DJ
    6. Lindsey
    7. Izzy comes instead of Escope no loser
    8. Courtney comes and the loser is so shocking its DUNCAN!!!
    9. Haroald
    10. Beth
    11. Heather
    12. Izzy
    13. Owen
    14. Leshawna
    Final 2 Courtney and Justin

    Winner is COURTNEY!!!

  6. A rumour is, Cody and Eva will debut, Bridgette will return, Izzy got eliminated under the name, Explosivo but, will also return, Owen will be eliminated in a later episode with a romance comady theme episode and, season three will be called, Total Drama the Musical. If you don’t believe me, go to Wikipedia, type in Total Drama Action, click on the characters content, the Total Drama Musical content, the debuts content, the returns content and the eliminations content and, read those articles.

  7. okay yall r so wrong this is the first few eliminations
    1. geof and bridgette

  8. This is the eliminations so far:

  9. i love tdi and tda and i’m american! i love courtney and duncan the most! bad boy good girl couple always the best

  10. Your right that people love to watch TDI and, TDA like me because, I’m Canadian. Also, a rumour is that, next season is called, Total Drama the Musical(TDM), Cody, Eva and, Tyler might debut in TDA and, Izzy/Esquire is most likely to return.

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