Upcoming episode: The Guard, Global, Jan. 14

Wednesday, January 14 – 8pm ET/PT

Port Hallet is a buzz when an internet porn director shows up with three “actresses” to shoot a Girls Gone into the Wild video. Their filming is interrupted when their boat hits a deadhead and the Coasties are forced to race to their rescue. Meanwhile, Laura is thrown for a curve when David’s ex-wife Jen arrives to investigate a dismembered sneaker-clad foot that washed up on the beach…and then hooks up with Miro.


8 thoughts on “Upcoming episode: The Guard, Global, Jan. 14”

  1. hmm. It’s now been two weeks; am I missing something? It doesn’t seem to be on. According to IMDB, we’ve still got 8 eps to go:

    Episode 8: Body Parts
    Episode 9: He Is Heavy, He Is My Brother
    Episode 10: Last Night
    Episode 11: Boom
    Episode 12: Love Sick
    Episode 13: Out of the Woods
    Episode 14: At Sea
    Episode 15: Full Circle

  2. love your show ,keep up the good work.
    want to see more episodes.where are you on bell tv?
    what time and chanels are you aired on?

  3. Ok I must be missing something because I can’t find a) when the next episode will air and b) why there hasn’t been anything on whey they said it was going to be!


  4. Welcome to the club ;) Global scheduled an episode in January that never aired and I’ve heard no more about it. Something odd is going on for sure, but I’ll post when I hear anything.

  5. The Guard should return to your televisions mid to end of March, and yes there are about 8 more eps to air :) Thanks for watching! ;)

  6. Life on Mars (which airs on Global in The Guard’s old Wednesday at 10 timeslot) has its series finale on April 1st. I’ve been assuming that The Guard will resume the following week, unless Global has snagged one of the other new American series starting that week — The Unusuals (which is taking the place of Life on Mars on ABC), Harper’s Island, or Southland.

  7. Global has The Unusuals starting Wednesday, April 8 so I’d assume they’ll simulcast. (Global also has Harper’s Island Thursdays at 10 starting April 9 and CTV has Southland.) Mid March would seem to be out – there’s no word on The Guard in today’s highlights of the week of March 16 media release from Global, which also includes info on Harper’s Island in April.

    Like Jerry I’d imagine they’ll fit it in after another show’s season ends, though it looks like it won’t be in the original timeslot unless The Unusuals is short-lived.

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