Ratings: Wild Roses, Being Erica

From Denis McGrath at Dead Things on Sticks:

  • Wilted Roses & Bouncing Erica
    “[Being Erica] built on good word of mouth to a better showing on Monday night — 656, 000 viewers, which is about what its timeslot predescessor, The Border, did back in the fall. … [Wild Roses] managed only 453 000 viewers in its second night out.” Read more.
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3 thoughts on “Ratings: Wild Roses, Being Erica”

  1. I’d be curious to know how much of Being Erica’s growth this week was a direct result of the number of ad’s that the CBC has been splashing around not only it’s own network but the likes of CNN, A&E and a host of others. I haven’t seen Wild Roses promoted nearly as heavily as Being Erica.

    What were the numbers for American Idol’s debut?

  2. Actually Adam, CBC isn’t “running” or “paying for” those ads. Those ads are inserted by your cable company on certain channels like CNN, A&E, etc. There’s a certain number of breaks per hour where they have extra time and they’re mandated to show promos for Canadian services…that’s the tradeoff for letting the US channels in. If you’ll notice, in a lot of those A&E and CNN breaks where you see the CBC promos, the only other ads you see are for your cable providers other services or for other Canadian channels.

  3. my understanding is that while cbc wouldn’t be paying for those ads they would pick them. the cable companies aren’t doing it randomly.

    ab: i think ai got a little more 2.4 million, that should come down a little bit until the finals but it probably will hang around 2 million. but i think (and i’m not sure of this) that ai will go to hour and then wild roses will be up against fringe, which while a strong performer is not the death star.

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