Man on a Mission premieres Jan. 20

From a media release:

Are you ready to man up, Canada? Man on a Mission turns guys from zero to hero

Getting behind the wheel of a Ferarri Enzo. Catching a pass from Grey Cup MVP Henry Burris. Getting into the VIP room of L.A.’s hottest nightclub. And taking you along for the ride.

Man on a Mission, the comedy lifestyle show premiering January 20th on Men TV, presents new challenges every week for the show’s star, Matt Embry.

“Man on a Mission is all about adventure, the good life and beautiful women,” Matt says. “We do go on adventures that are only possible because I have a TV cameras with me. But the show does have a lot of really solid info guys can use in their daily lives, too — sex, fashion, working out, food.”

In the first season of Man on a Mission, viewers see Matt throw the ultimate bachelor party, learn how to beat the house at the casino and fight a mixed martial artist.

“Before I get in the ring, I go see my doctor and she warns me what a low blow can do to ‘the boys’ using grapes for a demonstration,” Matt says. “I haven’t been able to drink wine since.”

Matt survived the fight, proving he’s man enough for almost any challenge.

“I actually wanted to take a bullet on camera. Our producers wouldn’t let me,” Matt reveals. “We checked out the bulletproof vests cops wear for an episode about how women love a man in uniform. I asked if I could test a vest, but I guess they were worried not being able to finish the season if something went wrong.”

Man on a Mission premieres:

Tuesday, Jan 20 at 9:30 PM ET on Men TV

Encore telecast: Sunday, Jan 25 at 8:30 PM ET on Men TV


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  1. How about becomeing an NHL referer. Big job big fights. all nation T.V. Just a sugestion, I love your show.. Keep up the great work.

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