In the news: Canada’s Next Top Model auditions

From Kat Angus of Canwest News Service:


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  1. When will be the next Canada’s Top model auditions be for 2010 and where in Alberta

  2. When will the auditions for Canada’s Next Top Model Cycle 4 (2010) be held in Newfoundland? And Where? Also are there any age requirements and do you need any sort of experience?? Thanks!

  3. I was wondering when canada’s next top model will be held, and where? .. where i can send an audition? please email me back! thank you!

  4. Hi, I was wondering when the auditions for Canada’s Next Top Model will be held in Vancouver for cycle 4?

  5. I was wondering if they will be coming to toronto or something because this right here the modeling is my dream.

  6. When are the next set of auditions for 2010 CNTM? I think I am going to audition for this the first time. Is there an application we have to fill out before the auditions? What’s the process for applying? If you could let me know that would be great, I will be auditioning from Halifax.

  7. Pretty much the exact same questions as above…
    How do you sign up, or get to audition for cycle 4??
    When, Where, How… the basic’s

  8. i want to be on the show so badly but im not old enough yet, can someone please tell me if there will be a cycle 5 and if there is auditions in Van

  9. If there is CNTM 2010 when and where do you get the applications? What is the process? I am from small town Saskatchewan?

  10. When will the auditions for for Canada’s Next Top Model be for Montreal or the Toronto area??

  11. I was wondering when canada’s next top model will be held, and where? .. where i can send an audition? please email me back! thank you!

  12. I’d really LOVE to know when the Montreal auditions for Canada’s next top model Cycle 4 will be held!!!! I’m so excited

  13. Hey, will there be an altered height requirement for cycle four of CNTM? America’s is doing 5″7 and UNDER which is awesome considering I am 5″6. I think CNTM should be more leniant as well, not every girl is a gorgeous giant. I would also like to know when auditions for 2010 are being held and how I could get my hands on an application. Thanks!

  14. Hey, was just wondering when will there be 2010 auditions for the Atlantic provinces, and could you send in an audition?

  15. what date will the auditions be for edmonton aberta and where will the auditions be tooken place?? for the 2010 show?

  16. hey :)
    id really like to know when cycle 4 of Canada’s next top model will be starting, and when the application comes out. i want to be well prepared ! :)

  17. Hey!
    I would really like to hear where and when the auditions for 2010 Canada’s Next Top Model are! I was just wondering if Canada is doing the same 5’7″ and under like America is doing because I have a hurdle as far as height goes. Thanks!

  18. Hi there :)
    I was wondering when & where
    audtitions are for 2010
    Canada’s Next Top Model
    in Toronto, ON. ?

  19. hey, just wondering when auditions for 2010 CNTM are? im in Winnipeg, MB. is there an application to fill out or anything. please email me. =) thanks.

  20. I’m sooo hoping for CNTM 2010 for petite models like ANTM!!!
    Where and when will be held the auditions in Montreal??

  21. I was just wondering and hoping for the next cycle of CNTM to be under the 5’7″ hight requirement like ANTM. Where do we get the applications and where/when in toronto will it be held?
    Thank you!!!!!

  22. Hi, I was just wondering when applications for CNTM cycle 4 will be available? and where they will be available. Please let me know! Cheers!

  23. hi, I was wondering if canadas next top model will be having a petite version like americas next top model? if so when and where will the auditions be held in vancouver ?

  24. has anybody gotten an answer i wonder? anyways if this site is answering people, im wondering the same thing, when are the auditions, where do i get an application etc

  25. Since America’s Next Top Model is doing a series by only casting short models, I was just curious if Canada’s Next Top Model will ever be doing the same.

  26. Does anyone know if canada’s next top model will be doing the next petite model aswell?
    If so when? and when are the enxt auditions anyways?

  27. Hey!!

    Same questions as Hillary!! Canada’s next top model, will they be doing the same as America’s with the petite models? If so I know I would love to be given information as to where I can apply and send my audition tapes and when will casting calls be taking place for next cycle?

    Thanks :)

  28. hello i was just wondering if there will be auditions helf for canadas next top model in toronto for 2010

  29. Hi,

    I was wondering basically the same thing as everyone else.
    Is cycle 4 of CNTM going to be 5’7 under?

  30. Same question as everyone else… when are they going to go in Montreal?
    Does 5’7 is too short?
    Please email me :)
    Thanks a lot

  31. Will auditions for the 2010 season be coming to Vancouver? If so, when will they be, and are there age restrictions?

  32. I was just wondering if anyone knew how to apply for CNTM. I have looked everywhere for the online application for the 2010 show but I cant seem to find one anywhere. If anyone knows, please let me know!

  33. Wondering what everyone else is: when will the 2010 season auditions start, specifically for toronto and the location if possible.
    A link to applications would be super appreciated!
    Thank you!

  34. When will the next 2010 Canada’s top Model be, and where do i find the applications??? look forward to hearing from you, Brianna Toth

  35. Hi there my name is Amanda Durston and I was wondering when you will be holding auditions in Ontario I am a hair model/runway and am extremely interested in auditioning for the show thanks so much hope to hear from you soon

  36. Hi Just wondering, like everyone else, when the auditions are for the next season of canada’s next top model in Manitoba and Calgary because i live in saskatchewan. Thanks please email me a listing!

  37. Hi. I was wondering if you are going to have Canada’s next top model Petite? If so, when and where will the auditions be held for Hamilton/Toronto Ontario area. Thanks and please email me back with the information.

  38. Hi, when is the next audition in Vancouver for Canada’s next top model 2010???
    Please email me back on how to apply!!
    Thanks in advance

  39. Hey i was just woundering when the 2010 auditions will be? How do i apply? and what are the requirements? Is there canada`s next top model auditions in newfoundland?Please email me back!!!

  40. Heey, I was wondering the same as most of the other girls. For Cycle 4, when and where will auditions be held? Is there one in the Toronto area ? Thanks.

  41. I was just wondering when and where auditions will be taking place. When is the short girl cycle going to be?

  42. Good day : ) i was also wondering if there were going to be a petiete model call, and if so where would the auditions be in the antlantic provinces?

  43. i was wondering does anyone has an answer about when the audition will be held in montreal, where and is there gonna be a petite

  44. Hi there,

    I was just woundering if there will be auditiong for cycle for in Toronto, and if yes, where and when? Also I everyonr else I would like to know if models 5”7 and under will be casted?

    Thank you,


  45. Hey there i was wondering how old do you have to be to audition for Canadas next top model?
    Is there a certain height requirment aswell?
    and do you have to be a certain weight ??
    Thanks ALOT.

  46. Hi!
    I was just wondering when the applications come out for the next cycle of Canada’s next top model.
    Will there be a casting call in Saskatchewan?

  47. For the next Canada top model show it should be younger people as in 13-16 because it better to do it when you are younger so I think but they should give the younger people a chance in the show , and it would be cool because the other top modelling show has not don it yet. !!!!!!!♥♥

  48. Hi Just wondering, like everyone else, when the auditions are for the next season of canada’s next top model will be. please email me.

  49. Hi I am just wondering like everyone else when Canada Next Top Model will have Auditions? I am interested in becoming a Canada Next Top Model. Please email me back!! Thanks :)

  50. As per everyone else, just wondering when the auditions start for the next season…. If you have a response it might be easier to just post it!

    Thanks – please email!!

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