Remedy Me! premieres March 8


Each week, this lighthearted half-hour series follows two people suffering from the same disagreeable and often embarrassing ailment and their discovery of the world of complementary and alternative medicine. The first episode follows spicy food-loving Margaret and fast food addict Deb, who both have embarrassing chronic gas problems, as they explore different treatment options. Margaret tries chiropractic therapy for some gas-busting relief while Deb struggles with the lifestyle changes prescribed by her Chinese medicine doctor and holistic nutritionist. Remedy Me premieres Sunday, March 8 at 10 a.m. This Canadian original series is produced by Creative Atlantic in association with W Network.


One thought on “Remedy Me! premieres March 8”

  1. My friend Deb is on the episode about chronic gas and i was wondering how i might be able to see the episode as I am in the UK? Can i see it online?

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