22 thoughts on “Geri Hall loses it on This Hour Has 22 Minutes”

  1. 22 Minutes is gradually going downhill, IMHO. This latest pile of crap from Geri Hall isn’t something that should be allowed, if for no other reason than that it was totally UN-funny. But then, the whole CBC has become ‘questionable’. I’m sure I’ll dip into my wallet to assist with their “quality” programming.

    1. This is great. And I think that it could be loosely tied to the Christopher Hitchens video/article regarding “funny women” Geri Hall is VERY funny, and absolutely does not NEED to be funny. KUDOS to her. I think THIS HR has made a resurgence this season, and on more than one occasion trumped the RMR!!!

  2. Bud Lorch… this is pretty obviously tied into the story that ran two seconds before she “freaked out”. I’m guessing you’re an angry old man.

  3. Geri Hall gives me the creeps. I this her comedic style is nonexistant. Her T.V. Comercials also stink. I cant watch this hour anymore as it reminds me of a migrane.

  4. How much more evidence that the CBC should be TOAST!

    Seems that sludge pit is around simply to keep people like this employed.

  5. Wow, Mike, you sound like a barrel of laughs… GERI HALL gives YOU the creeps? It only took you four, barely-literate sentences to completely repulse me. You sound like a real prize.
    Obviously, several of you didn’t get the joke- why don’t you go and listen to the actual Christian Bale tape so you know what the joke is about before you open your mouth and start polluting the blogosphere with such uninformed tripe! Bud Lorch sounds morally offended, for goodness sakes!!! You completely missed the context!
    Most of these comments reveal nothing about Geri Hall or the CBC. They do, however, point largely to the biggest problem faced by Canadian comedians in their attempt to ENTERTAIN us: that most people watching are incapable of any high-brow humour, do not understand political satire, and also don’t know talent when they see it. Intelligent humour gets a bad rap because of morons, like Mike, prefer scratch your ass, contort your face, trip on a banana peel, Jim Carrey humour.
    I am not always the biggest fan of the CBC, but I can say, with absolute certainty, that Geri Hall is one of the funniest comedians on TV. She has single-handedly revived This Hour Has 22 Mins. She should flip Canadians the royal bird and go to the US where being interesting and having a brain in your head is actually valued.
    Canadians need to take the stick out of their asses- we do not live in Victorian times.

  6. Geri Hall funny funny funny lady I almost pissed myself. Awe what the hell I did piss myself. Hold on to her.

  7. Ha ha! That was hilarious! With regards to you two guys ripping Geri, you wouldn’t know funny if it was rammed up your asses. You’re only here to complain about something.
    Comment for Colette: You are correct in so many aspects and are very articulate when it comes to expressing your opinions but I have to disagree with you about her going to the states. I just don’t think they’d get it. Geri has a unique Canadian feel and tempo in her comedic delivery.
    I noticed this in the first commercial I ever saw with her, which was well before 22 minutes and I’ve been talking about her ever since.
    BTW, the real clincher is Mary’s face at the end of her story. It really ties the skit together.

  8. GOLD! That was hilarious, these bitter guys bitching about it have got to relax and get a sense of humor already.

  9. Geri Hall has been a force for many years. I’m not much of a “fan| type of person…but if I ever saw her live..I’d probably die laughing…so..I hope that doesn’t happen. Her Deadpan delivery iswonderfull. Hope she keeps it up.

  10. I’ve watched it a good dozen times now. Geri missed a few beats and obvious ins…”I swallowed it” is way too easy. But she kept it going. That wonderful woman in the audience is obvioulsy a gifted actress….I Think you people do is incredible. Keep it up.

  11. I love Geri Hall and miss seeing her on 22 minutes. Without her, the show has lost a great deal. Where is she?

  12. Where is Geri Hall? We miss her SO much. She is a brilliant comedian. 22 Minutes is only 10 1/2 Minutes without her.

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