Young Artist Award nominations

Canadians  nominated for 2009 Young Artist Award include:

  • Jamie Johnston for CTV series “Degrassi” (BEST PERFORMANCE IN A TV SERIES (Comedy or Drama) Leading Young Actor);
  • Isaiah Grant for CBC series “The Border” (BEST PERFORMANCE IN A TV SERIES Guest Starring Young Actor

For the full list of 2009 nominations visit Final Winners will be announced at the 30th Annual Young Artist Awards ceremony and benefit scheduled for Sunday March 29th, 2009 at the Global Theater, Universal Studios.


9 thoughts on “Young Artist Award nominations”

  1. Canadian actor Alexander Conti was nominated for 2 YAA for 2009 as well. One for best supporting actor in TV movie special, Snow 2 Brain Freeze and the other for best performance in a Voice animation series, DiGata Defenders.

  2. Another Canadian you forgot to mention that is also a nominee for the Young Artists Awards this year is Austin MacDonald for his work in “Kitt Kittredge.” He is a fine young actor and we’ll be seeing lots more from this talented young man.

  3. Austin MacDonald was nimnated in 2 categories and won one !!
    Hot hot star on the rise

  4. oh sweet!! Austin MacDonald is such a hottie!! Canada just keeps them coming!! wish we could see more of him in some of those “american” mags!!lol

  5. I think Austin MacDonald is so sweet, he messages back all his fans!!
    He looks so much like Zac Efron now with his hair shorter and his blue eyes!!!

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