New tonight: Flashpoint on CTV

dillon.jpg9 p.m. – FLASHPOINT – “The Fortress” – ALL- NEW EPISODE

Irina Markov (Ona Grauer, INTELLIGENCE) is a devoted nanny, beloved by the children of the uber-rich Sabiston family. But her new boyfriend Misha (Stefen Hayes, MUTANT X) knows that her heart yearns for her own son, left behind in Russia. He manipulates Irina into letting him and his crew rob the palatial Sabiston mansion. Sgt. Parker (Enrico Colantoni) and the SRU team find the cards stacked against them: the mansion is a high tech, impregnable fortress. When Misha shocks the team with a show of deadly force, Parker turns to Irina in a desperate bid to take down Misha’s deadly crew, and rescue the Sabiston children.


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  1. A piece of Flashpoint trivia. Ona Grauer was originally cast as the female member of the SRU team and appears as “Kate Travers” in the unreleased pilot of the series when it was then known as Critical Incident. When the character was changed to Jules Callaghan, the role was re-cast with Amy Jo Johnson.

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