Ice Pilots NWT in production

From a media release:

13-Part Documentary Series Ice Pilots NWT in Production

Production is well underway on a new 13 x 1 hr documentary series to air on History Television in Fall 2009. Ice Pilots NWT follows the adventures of pilots and would-be pilots at Yellowknife-based Buffalo Airways, an extraordinary little northern airline with the most unusual fleet in the world. Buffalo still flies big, piston-powered propeller planes that were first flown in World War II, classics such as the DC-3, the DC-4 and the Curtis Commando C-46. The series tells the stories of rookie pilots who come to Buffalo to earn their wings flying these vintage war birds through some of the harshest conditions on the planet.

Shooting commenced in Yellowknife in November 2008 and will wrap in August 2009. Specially-mounted cameras will allow viewers to ride along with rookie pilots as they fly old warbirds through blinding winter blizzards and smoke-filled summer skies in fire-fighting season.


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  1. Hi looking forward to viewing ice pilots nwt. flew as navigator on Dakotas in ww2 in Burma and in Normandy Campaign.D day and Arnhem. A/c we flew on day 2 at Arnhem was KG 395 which many years later was equpped with skis and was used as a support a/c in Greenland for recovery of Lightning a/cs, force landed there in W.w. 2. Would be interested to know if you have any K.G series a/c now as have list of those that flew from Down Ampney on D day and Arnhem. Regards ian Robinson

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