The Summit mini-series comes to CBC July 19 & 26

From a media release:

A corrupt government, a deadly secret and a race against time all unravel in the mini-series The Summit coming to CBC TV this July 19 & 26 at 8pm

  • With an all-star cast featuring: Bruce Greenwood, James Purefoy, Rachelle Lefevre, Mia Maestro, Stephen McHattie and Lisa Ray with Wendy Crewson and Christopher Plummer

The highly anticipated four-hour, two-part miniseries The Summit will air on CBC TV beginning with ‘Night One’ on Sunday July 19 from 8pm-10pm and continuing with ‘Night Two’ on Sunday July 26 at 8pm-10pm. The Summit is an original screenplay by award-winning writer John Krizanc (H2O, ZOS: Zone of Separation) about a North American military-engineered smallpox virus smuggled into Canada as world leaders gather for the G8 Summit.

The international all-star cast for The Summit includes, Bruce Greenwood, Christopher Plummer, James Purefoy, Rachelle Lefevre, Wendy Crewson, Stephen McHattie, Mia Maestro and Lisa Ray. The Summit is produced by Shaftesbury Films (The Listener, Murdoch Mysteries) and Media Headquarters (The Great Polar Bear Adventure, Outlaw In-Laws).

As Canadian Prime Minister Adderly (Bruce Greenwood – Star Trek), U.S. President Aimes (Christopher Plummer – Syriana) and other world leaders gather to meet at the G8 Summit, Leonie Adderly (Rachelle Levefre – Twilight), grad student and daughter of the PM, and Columbian union organizer Maria (Mia Maestro – Alias) are preparing to release an explosive documentary about the conditions of the Columbian flower industry at the Alternate Summit, a gathering of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and activists.

Meanwhile, a U.S. military-engineered strain of smallpox is smuggled into Canada and finds its way within the walls of the summit. With leading CDC investigator Dr. Thom Lightstone (James Purefoy – The Philanthropist), U.S. Chief of Staff Ellie Bruckner (Wendy Crewson – ReGenesis), head of the U.S. Black Ops, Tate (Stephen McHattie – The Watchmen), and reporter Rebecca Downey (Lisa Ray – Water) on-site, a search gets underway for the bio-terrorist before the results turn deadly.

Directed by Nick Copus (The 4400, The Days of the Triffids), The Summit is produced by Robert Cohen and Shari Cohen for Media Headquarters and Adam Haight for Shaftesbury Films and Robin Neinstein. It is Executive Produced by Christina Jennings and Scott Garvie for Shaftesbury Films and Justin Bodle for Power Corporation. Written by John Krizanc (H2O), the Director of Photography is Alwyn Kumst (The Dresden Files), and Production Designer is Tim Bider (Terry). The Summit shot on location in and around London, England, Toronto, Ecuador, Hamilton, Huntsville, Parry Sound and Sudbury.


4 thoughts on “The Summit mini-series comes to CBC July 19 & 26”

  1. Just finished watching what was listed on TV (we use Shaw Cable’s Guide) as a 2 hour program and at the end we discovered it was “to be continued.” Had we known, we would have opted to record as a series recording. Too late, and you know how hard it is to find out when something is coming on again. Can’t count on it being Sunday and Sunday, nor Sunday and Monday. Fortunately
    “googling” it showed us it’s on again on July 26. Good for you! A great show. It just occurred to me that I should be complaining to Shaw, and not to you, for not alerting in the Guide that is is Part 1 of 2. Now to get in touch with Shaw which is virtually impossible, unless you are buying a PPV. They are the biggest Spammers in the world as they constantly send out junk Emails and you cannot block them, otherwise you can’t get your bill, and waiting on line to get their HO in Calgary is worse than trying to connect with Airmiles. Oh, to have everyone as accessible as CBC. Sorry….Yes, my husband and I are thoroughly enjoying the show. Great acting. It is very fast paced. Must have been difficult cutting it to 4 hours. The henchmen who burned the bodies would have set fire to the building that housed the infected men. The scuffle between the paid insurgent and the PM’s daughter that ended with the death of the ruffian was far-fetched in the vial of blood being discovered and used to kill the villain. He wouldn’t have died so soon of infection and if it cut his carotid artery there would have been more blood. And where had we seen that those two had a prior relationship that allowed her to tolerate his advances? Did I miss that? Too bad it wasn’t a 6-hour mini-series so we could see a bit more of the connections, and maybe more footage in Columbia and in Africa. Nevertheless, good dialogue – realistic – and great faces. Rachel LeFevre and Wendy Crewson are great. So is Bruce Greenwood and the girl who plays Maria. Who is she? The contrasts between wealth and poverty and where one happens to be born are poignant. Love the location shots! Can’t wait to see next week’s finale.

  2. The bad weather stopped my satalite dish from working, so I did not see the ending of Summit. Can someone post how it ended. Hope that CBC will air it again. Great cast, script and acting.

  3. gripping show. missed second half–hope it’ll be streamed online somewhere so I can see the end. excellent.

  4. Hey, finally, an Adderly as Prime Minister! Watched it just for that, and the fact it was a pretty good was an added bonus!

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