New tonight: Canada’s Next Top Model on CTV

Tuesday, June 30 8 p.m.


Bright Lights- No Pity

Host Jay Manuel and a special guest shock the Final 5 when they announce that they’ll be making their second international trip of the competition – this time to one of the toughest cities in the world – New York. It is a whirlwind as the models race through fashion go-sees, meeting major designers and the fashion elite in a bid to make an impression.


9 thoughts on “New tonight: Canada’s Next Top Model on CTV”

  1. Will we ever see one of these models actually make it as a model? For 2009 I am hoping what I have to say will help. There are three things and three things alone that are definite requirements. Looks, body and attitude. You either have these or you don’t. The first two obviously and the last pretty much always. There may be the exception of the meek, mild mannered person becoming very confident, but I just had a school reunion and I did not see any of that. So, out of the three left what do we have. Meagan has a body that seems to fit close okay, her face is pretty, but way to round which takes away from the striking features and a confidence level of a mouse. Lindsey seems to have a fair amount of confidence and has the walk, but the walk is not something you either have or don’t, it can be learned. As far as looks go I saw ten better looking moms at Walmart yesterday and have yet to see one piece of clothing actually look good on her body. Nikita is the only one that has all three requirements. Clothing looks great on her, she is amazingly beautiful and can garnish many different looks and she has the attitude required to turn her into miss look at me on stage. She even has the perfect model name. Anways, if she doesn’t win I think we are going to have to wait until 2010 for another chance at a model that actually makes headlines.

    Yours Sincerely,

  2. i have been watching anp since it was on upn since the first cycle and honestly i do not see the ‘top models’ in many magazines many high fashion productions either! i HOPE I SEE the winners around some day honestly it seems as if the show gets these girls no where. i also think the standards have gone WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY down over the past few years.

  3. I am really upset about the results regarding the winner of Canada’s next top model competition. Meaghan is a genaric model that we all have seen before ( remember when the judges mixed her up with Heather?). As for her runway walk, she is nothing compared to Lindsay. In the future you should consider consulting Canadian viewers, as some of your judges seem to not onlyu disagree but get upset over the results. The judging panel seem very divided and one in particular apears to attack other judges to force her personal opinion( no offence J.B thats you! I am no longer buying your magazine).

  4. I am thrilled with the results. Meaghan is beautiful and has a great body. She is very young and her confidence will grow. Nikkita was too grouchy and whiny and her body was too big on the bottom. As far as Linsay, when the camera hit her in a certain way, she was gorgeous and sometimes if they got a bad angle she looked awful. Meaghan will do us proud.

  5. I really think Lyndsay or however You spell Her name needs a rather
    generous bite of the reality bar if She thinks for a nanosecond that She
    was “better on the runway” than Meaghan?I mean Meaghan just
    exploded out there with legs up to here ,there and everywhere!She was
    and is magnificant!Nikita,in My humble opinion got a TERRIBLE makeover
    with the hair that could have cost Her,However She is destined for SI
    swimsuit edition greatness,awesome caboose! and best B**b’s award
    indeed!loseay could really use some classes in the graceful in defeat
    category, that response showed a real lack of class

  6. Well, I guess what I had to say meant nothing!!! Meaghan wins??? Can you see her with the confidence of a mouse walking the catwalks of Milan? If she was in Resident Evil she would be one of the zombies not the star. Watch any show and pretty much every model is hips, cheeky butt, legs and attitude. Nikita had that, but Meaghan??? She has a skinny little saggy butt with no curves at all. I’m not trying to be mean, just honest. She is cute, but has no striking facial features at all either. I guess we are going to have to wait another season for the show to produce someone who can achieve supermodel status, but I am personally getting tired of the wait.

    IKWIATA, but obviously the judges are not listening

  7. Just an added note to the comment that Meaghan’s confidence will grow. That sounds to me like someone has been watching to many Disney movies. This is something that is overcome when you are very young. I personally don’t know anyone who was shy at 20 and came out of their shell at 30. All the girls I knew in school who had attitude still got it and all the ones who didn’t still don’t. Self confidence is one of the hardest things possible to overcome. Nikita could stand on a busy street corner naked. Meaghan, never in her lifetime.


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