Maryam out of Canada’s Next Top Model

From a media release:

Maryam Moves On and it’s Down to the Top Three on CTV’s CANADA’S NEXT TOP MODEL

  • Alberta and Manitoba claim top three finalists
  • Catch encore presentations on Star!/FT, MTV, and ‘A’
  • The CNTM finale airs on Tuesday, July 14 at 8 p.m. ET

maryam copy(2)After a challenging week of drama, ripped dresses, tears, and bickering, Maryam was cut loose on tonight’s CANADA’S NEXT TOP MODEL on CTV, leaving the top three competitors to model-it-out in next week’s season finale. The journey has been difficult for Maryam who struggled with a language barrier and passport issues throughout the competition. And while she was disappointed not to be CANADA’S NEXT TOP MODEL, she wasn’t devastated and she’s not giving up. “I really wanted to win this, but I also really wanted to have the experience too,” Maryam said on her departure. “It’s not like this was the only way that I could go. I have a scholarship; my average was ‘A’ in school. I guess I’m going to go back to school and I’ll send my portfolio to the agency and see what happens.”

Now, it’s Alberta vs. Manitoba as Linsay (Edmonton, AB), Nikita (Calgary, AB), and Meaghan (Winnipeg, MB) vie for the title of CANADA’S NEXT TOP MODEL in the Season Three Finale, premiering Tuesday, July 14 at 8 p.m. ET on CTV (visit to confirm local listings).

On tonight’s episode, the Top 4 had to nail a Cover Girl photo shoot under the watchful and critical eyes of Nolé Marin and Mike Ruiz. Then Top Model icon Miss J. provided some much needed advice for walking the catwalk. The girls immediately took those lessons into the next challenge as they were wrapped in Cashmere Bathroom Tissue and tasked with strutting a tricky tabletop obstacle course. Unfortunately, the ultra-fragile garments needed dexterity and delicacy and one dress was badly ripped; first by Maryam and then by Linsay. In the end, it was Maryam who moved out of the penthouse.

In next week’s CANADA’S NEXT TOP MODEL season finale, the Top 3 dive into a high-stakes cover-try photo shoot for Fashion Magazine. The third-place finalist is sent home in a mid-show elimination. The final challenge of the competition is a fashion show walk-off. It’s a high fashion pressure cooker as the competitors hit the runway with the industry elite in the audience. At the final judging ceremony, the panel struggles to find a winner in the most heart-wrenching decision to date. In the end, only one oozes “total package” and becomes – CANADA’S NEXT TOP MODEL.

Encore presentations of tonight’s episode air on Star! and FashionTelevisionChannel, Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET; on MTV, Thursday at 10 p.m. ET; and a Sunday night catch-up broadcast airs on ‘A’ at 10 p.m. ET.

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50 thoughts on “Maryam out of Canada’s Next Top Model”

  1. The judges got it wrong in terms of the dress debacle. Just look at all the footage and you can clearly see both times the dress was ripped. Once by Maryam and once by Lindsay walking up the steps to the catwalk. The way that the three girls rounded on Maryam afterwards multiple times shows a distinct lack of professionalism that they are meant to be cultivating throughout this competition.

    I’m not surprised that Maryam was sent home as she is probably not ready for the modeling industry overall; however, I hope the remaining girls show a little more decorum in their future dealings. Otherwise, it will just be an embarassement to have a “catty” personality represent Canada as the next top model.

  2. As I have said to people before I very disapointed at the judges decision. If they only saw the borderline racist comments Meagan and Nikkita made towards Maryam in their confessional. Making fun of her because she has an accent? Because english isn’t her first language? And then to state they didn’t do it in a mean way? Hmmmm are these the girls we want representing Canada as a ‘Top Model’? I don’t think so. I am actually surprised that Miss Jay didn’t bring up the fact that yes Linsay did trip and probably ruined the dress even more.

    What I’m most surprised about is Linsay’s attitude. Isn’t she supposed to be a grievance counselor? How can a narrow minded person who bitches and complains about everyone behind their back and berates a girl to tears for making a mistake actual counsel people with problems. I am very hopeful that she doesn’t actually work in the way she presents herself on the show, as a small minded backstabbing hussy.

    Even at the end Maryam was just happy to be there and learn, which is what she wanted from the begining. None of remaining three girls are going to make it big. They lack tact, taste, poise and style. Without the stylist, make up artists, coaches and publicists blocking their racist, self-deprecating, trashy and filthy mouths they will just wind up in the ‘Top-model’ gutter.

    This show has lost one fan and CTV will be hearing from me about portraying ignorant bitchy tarts as winners. In my reality, they are all losers.


    1. Thank you for your comment well said, I was surprised too to see these racist bitches make it to the final

  3. I totally agree with you Wildchild. I was very-VERY surprised that such racist remarks were even broadcast by CTV. What does this mean – that foreigners who come to this country shall not have the same chances as others because they don’t speak English well? I believe the strength and beauty of Canada is that everyone can find here a place under the sun, regardless where they come from and how well they express themselves. The way how the other three girls ganged up against Maryam showed only one thing that in their little minds those three girls think that Maryam does not deserve to be Canada’s next top model as beacuse she doesn’t speak English well. What surprises me is that if you look at the familiy history of those three girls you would may be discover that their parents were in the same situation when they first came down to Canada. I experienced the similar situation myself but this time at my work place. I brought to my company huge international experience and multicultural background knowing that for the fast grouth of the company it need to go overboard. However, my co-workers and their jalousy could not take it seeing a foreigner going up in the corporate lather and in the same way as those three girls in the show they ganged up all together against me to take me down. And unfortunately they succeded since I was surrounded by people such as Jeanne Beker who instead of seeing that something stinks in the alliance interpreted it as if all three says that Maryam was wrong then she’s wrong.

    With Regards,

  4. I agree with Wildchild and Enigma. I’m still outraged after watching the show last night.

    The three other models, and Jeanne Bekker by tolerating it, displayed xenophobic behavior. Not only is it heinous behavior, it is unprofessional.

    – All NTM shows bang on about the girls being role models — this is role model behavior?
    – Does CoverGirl want a Canadian rep who despises a large percentage of the country — recent immigrants?
    – How can we expect any of the three winners to behave when they work with non-Anglos in the industry? Are they gonna do racist imitations of all co-workers who aren’t from Ontario?
    – How do they expect to be treated when they are the recent arrival working in Italy or Japan? Hopefully someone will mimic them in a racist fashion so they get a taste of their poison.
    – Why was the judgement of Mike Ruiz and Yasmin Warsame, two consummate industy professional, so completely ignored?

    I am just shocked that this was allowed to pass uncommented, and the other three were basically rewarded for ganging up, xenophobic Mean Girl-style on Myriam. But much time was available to bemoan the tearing of a toilet paper dress, apparently…

    Shame on you, CNTM, Jay Manuel, Jeanne Bekker, and the producers.

    I will be writing a letter to CTV.

    1. I’m in Vietnam and I’m really love watching CNTM every night recently. Maryam is my favourite. She’s just so wonderful. So sad and disappointed that she didn’t win. I don’t wanna see the last rounds any more :(. Anyway, Maryam is the actual winner to me

  5. It’s hard to believe the judges made no comment about that mean, racist confessional. Whatever Maryam did is no excuse for that reaction and there’s no excuse for the producers letting them getting away with that. Maryam’s interviews talk about how much she enjoyed being with the girls and how proud she is to become a Canadian like them but these are the kind of people we should be ashamed of, not have chosen as spokeswomen for anything.

  6. I completely agree. I’ve expressed my dismay on Twitter and if anyone would like to share a letter they send to CTV I’d post here.

  7. Totally agree with all of you.
    This episode was all about ganging up on Maryam?!?!…
    The attitude of those Canadian girls just prove their lack of maturity & professionalism and racism in a country which is created by immigrant people.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I think showing these kind of thing by CTV is……
    I can never forget the scene which those two girls imitated Maryam’s speaking and said what? what? what? OMG!!!!!!!! so rudeeeeeeee

  8. I have to say I was schocked at this weeks episode. It’s funny because if those morons were making racial slurs towards a person of african decent they would be thrown off the show. But b/c maryam is iranian it’s okay…??
    Maryam is an amazing woman. She is so uplifting and never says a harsh word about anyone. And then to see those idiots say such racist things about her is mind boggling… Megan seems really innocent, but she isn’t. To make fun of maryams accent (duh it’s not her first language give her some credit I think she speaks it clear) and then to make fun of her b/c she doesn’t walk around the house in her underwear (duh, she’s from Iran – a country where displaying her skin was a BIG No NO)! Do those morons not understand the cultural differences, plus I wouldn’t walk around a house in my undies with a bunch of strangers?? Jesus Maryam has come so far and is so proud to be Canadian, I admire her and I’m proud to say she is CANADIAN. The other two not so much. I’m suprised they are CANADIAN, because no one I know wouyld ever treat anyone like that.
    Plus they all attacked Maryam at the end of the show. That was also pathetic and I hate how the judges never said a word about the way they pounced on her like a bunch of hyenas. But hey, I guess ripping a TP dress accidentally is a HUGE problem in the modeling industry let alone racism and catiness.
    Plus I thought J’s comment was borderline racist. When he said he has to choose between a”complicated life” and “lack of confidence.” I’m sorry but what about Maryam makes her life complicated? Because she’s from Iran???? What the hell does that mean? Are they implying that because she comes from a country that has had a complicated past that SHE is complicated?? SO RACIST AND SO IGNORANT MR. J!! I’d love to see his reaction if someone told him he was complicated b/c he is gay. I mean c’mon.
    I’m no longer wathcing the show because of this episode and the way teh judges handled it.

  9. I am so glad I am not alone in my outrage over the way Maryam was treated. I kept thinking none of the blatant racism would have made it on America’s Next Top Model, but evidently in Canada, Tyra has no say, and so we end up with mean girls ganging up on a sweet, intelligent, hard working and considerate girl who happens to be new to Canada.

    The three remaining girls have no idea how difficult it is to get a passport as a new immigrant, heck their mommies probably got their passports for them as it is!

    And Jeanie Bekker? What a joke.

    I will no longer be watching this show, and not only will I be writing a letter of complaint to CTV, I will also be letting the corporate sponsors know that I will be boycotting their products for endorsing a show that rewards racism and intolerance.

  10. completely agree. Jeanie Bekker made the comment that “her blood was boiling” over the fact that Maryam ripped the dress. Since when does a toilet paper dress fiasco outweigh racial slurs. She needs to get her priorities straight.

    My “blood is boiling” over the complete ignorance of this episode. From racist comments by Megan and Nikita. The insensitivity of Linsay. The comment made about Maryam by Jay at the end of the episode. And the utter disregard by the judges when the three amigos attacked Maryam.

    And then for jeannie to say her “blood is boiling.” UGH!! How revolting. Usually actions speak louder than words but in this episode the words were center stage. And believe me they were not intelligent nor pretty.

    I’m disgusted by the judges and the remaining contestants. I feel bad for their families. They must be sooooooo embarassed.

  11. Here is the letter I wrote to CTV and sent to AND AND will be sending copies to the makers of Cashmere, P&G, and LG – because telling the sponsors how you feel has more power than just telling CTV.

    “To CTV and the producers of Canada’s Next Top Model:

    I am writing to express my outrage at the blatant racism shown on the most recent episode of Canada’s Next Top Model, not only by the final 3 contestants, but also by the judge Jeannie Beker.

    I realize on a reality TV show you have no control over the words and actions of the contestants, but you certainly do have control over what you put on the air!

    If showing the final 3 contestants mocking and belittling a girl who is new to Canada makes for good television in your opinion, I am deeply disappointed in CTV and the corporate sponsors of the show.

    Not only will I stop watching Canada’s Next Top Model and all other CTV shows, I will no longer buy the products of the companies that endorse such a show, like Cashmere, CoverGirl, and LG.

    So many young girls watch shows like this, and look up to the models, it is a shame that in this case they will be shown that cruelty and intolerance is not only acceptable, it is rewarded.

    cc: Kruger Products (Cashmere) Consumer Relations, P&G Consumer Relations, LG Consumer Relations

  12. I must say I agree with absolutely everything that has already been said. I am definitely ashamed and infuriated over the fact that one of those three remaining girls will be Canada’s next Top Model. And the fact that they kept showing the confessional of Nikita and Meghan making fun of Maryam was beyond disgusting. Do they think it was entertaining even after the 3rd time?

    Above everything else, the judges should have remembered that this show was to pick out the best model, and Maryam was definitely the most consistanty great model of all of them. Meghan just stepped up. Linsay keeps having her ups and downs, and is quite arrogant for someone doing social work. And Nikita, honestly I just dislike her with a passion just for her bitchy personality; its like her main purpose on the show is to provide unneeded commentary on everything from the sets to the contestants! Maryam had an exotic look and a passion that would have taken her far in the industry. Even when she wasn’t able to travel out of the county, she delivered. And its not like she purposely forgot it or anything, it was coming…

    And honestly, she was the main reason I watched CNTM, just because she was a minority who got this great opportunity and made the absolute best of it. She would have been a model representative for Canadians. Shame on the 3 judges who failed to see that, along with the fact that the other girls had such a mean agenda against her.

  13. I was disgusted by how Maryam was treated during the show. It was pure racisim to me. I quite agree with Nancy. I refuse to watch this show anymore.
    I was a fan of Meaghan at first, but during the last episode, I totally lost respect for the three grils (Nikita , Linsay, Meaghan) and the show.
    Nikita , Linsay, Meaghan showed their true self; their character is bitchy, mean and aggressive! do we really want a top model like that? It is really sad that the Show let the three girls attack Maryam like hungry dogs and no one stopped them! they just kept on taping it!!!
    Maryam was a true lady; no matter how badly the other girls treated her, she always kept her nice manners. That is what we want to see in a top model not some bitchy personality like Nikita’s , Linsay’s, and Meaghans.

  14. None of the 3 girls left represent what Canada’s Next Top Model is after this episode. Those girls were being what I call racist, mean and very disrespectful of Maryam and her background. Lets put them in Italy or Paris where english is not spoken and let’s see how they react to the photographer or designer when they tell them to look with more with their eyes and stop pouting, which they probably won’t. That’s exactly how it is for Maryam and i was truely offended and disgusted by the treatment of her. Canada is known for being a multicultural country and to have those 3 girls represent us is a mistake.

    All those girls are just jealous, which is why they always gang up and pick out the tiny flaws in her. Maryam can take a better picture than all 3 of these girls combined, infront of a white wall.

    Meaghan, Lindsey and Nikkita are two-faced, they’re nice to Maryam in front of her face and the judges but when shes not there all of the shi*t talking comes out. If the judges (Jeanne Becker) can’t see that then they’re just as worse

    I don’t think these 3 girls are aware that most supermodels are the ones who don’t speak english as their first language, but they’re the ones that are succesful and looked up to as a role model.

  15. I’m very disappointed in judging this week. All the racial comments coming from jay and jeane becker. Wow! I cannot believe those judges will tolerate such behavior on Canada’s next top model. All those girls are losers for making fun of Maryam. CTV has lost a fan after this show.

  16. I am very disappointed in Canada’s next top model judging crew and of course the three girls who will no matter what become canada’s representative. These girls should be ashamed of themselves for treating Maryam in a disrespectful manner. They were so prejudiced towards an immigrant girl who came to this country to peruse her dreams. Maryam had the most potential to become a top model. Her pictures were stunning to win her the competition. The three other girls, lacked confidence (megan), lacked personality ( linsay) and Nikita was a two faced bitch with a disgusting personality. I used to be a big fan of this franchised show when Tyra started it off with America’s next top model but now I will not support this tv show and will advertise against them as much as I could. As for Jeane Becker I officially hate you for saying everything you said in this last episode about Maryam being a liar and “there is something about her” bullshit. I thought you were a international fashion reporter who supported black or white no matter the race. But I was wrong you are a big ASS kisser when it comes down to your interviews with other non WHITE celebrities. Let me just tell you, YOU LOST LOTS of FANS bitch. And all the other girls that are left are typical ugly canadian girls. Megan is just blond ( booohoo…yay another blond chick), linsay remind me of the other girl who won canada’s next top model rebecca from the previous season ( she has the butcher look…no feminine side to her), and Nikita looks like a freakin alien who just landed on earth. I’m so furious over the judging this week, i cannot believe Canadians are so racist and we criticize the united states for their racist behaviors. we are as bad as they are, only we are getting worse. Canada should remember its economic survival is based on the immigrants who come to this country. All this being said, I will make sure all my friends and their friends, see how disgusting this show really is. To Maryam- You were the best competitor with great potential. I really support your decision on studying to become a better individual in this racist world.

  17. 3 remaining girls represent xenophobic and really narrow-minded individuals. Is it because of their background? Youth and immaturity? Who knows.
    But Mr. J (fist generation Canadian, father is South African, mother both Italian/Czech) and Jenne Beker (second generation Canadian, her roots are in Eastern Europe somewhere-I read years ago in the paper her story about grandparents struggling in Canada) HOW COULD THEY? Grown up, mature people. Do they not know how tough it is for immigrants to integrate into the society? Maybe they should both sit down with their family and listen. Shame on both of them and CTV for editing/airing. THIS WOULD NEVER HAVE HAPPENED ON ANTM.

  18. I echo all the other posters’ disgust with how Maryam was treated by the three. I also have to take issue with Nikita’s “I look retarded…sorry, disabled” comment in this episooe. It was insensitive and completely ignorant. The day after the episode aired, she made an appearance on MTV’s ‘The AfterShow’, and claimed that she hadn’t been trying to ‘make fun of disabled people’ and that she had friends who were disabled. I have to call BS on that one. She herself has said several times that she is dyslexic, and being someone who has to endure this disadvantage, I thought she would be more understanding of issues regarding physical and mental disabilities. What’s worse is the judges were more upset about the ripped TP dress, and Maryam’s ‘lying’. In fact, they weren’t even really bothered by it. Canada is about celebrating diversity, and this show is quite the opposite of that.

  19. The three girls threatened by Maryam’s class, professionalism & good work ganged up on her. With her gone, it is easier to get to the top because she was truly good as comments from week to week showed & despite major set backs…

    I am also outraged at the racism & especially Nikita’s making fun of an accent in a multicutural society. Personally I find her to be the one with the ugliest soul & truly nasty. Bad karma will come back to her. It is however unacceptable in Canada to allow immature racists comments to be made on a show. Maryam will be fine she is strong determined & has class, I feel sorry for the immature girls remaining….the dress was an accident, it could have happened to anyone of them, Maryman would have never ganged up on them.

    Stop the RACISM on Canada’s top model….let the producers of the show hear it as well….it is not acceptable nor ok & I think the girls should apologize publicly to Maryam & to all Canadians to make fun of a girl that came from an oppressed life & made it this far. WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU MARYMAM THAT DESPITE YOUR LANGUAGE LIMITATIONS, DESPITE THE NASTINESS & JEALOUSY OF THE OTHER GIRLS, YOU MADE IT THIS FAR….AND YOU ARE TRULY GOOD AT MODELLING, YOU ARE STRONG & YOU WILL GO VERY FAR WITH YOUR GREAT ATTITUDE! CONGRATS ON BEING A GORGEOUS WOMAN INSIDE & OUT UNLIKE THE SUPERFICIAL THREE REMAINING… ugliness especially Nikita’s comes from the inside & those of us that know see through her insecurities around you..after all someone who is confident doesn’t make it such a point to put someone else down unless they are lacking something major themselves….

  20. Yeay! Kate Taylor of the Globe and Mail has an article today (Tuesday) about the show (in the Review section), totally agreeing with us and exposing the remaining losers for what they are.

    Like me, she thinks Linsey will ‘win’ because the judges love the native reserve angle, but their narrative of racial progress is totally undermined by their treatment of another non-white person. Argh! I will hate Jeanne Beker forever.

    Jay Manuel is no innocent either — this article ( shows that the no-passport issue was completely planned as an intriguing ‘storyline’. Says Jay Manuel: “”One of the storylines we’re doing this cycle hasn’t even played out on the American show before.” Way to dehumanize the contestants, Jay Jerk. They’re people, not characters in a storyline!

    I had wondered during the show why they were so hard on Maryam about the passport… obviously they knew about her passport issues when they took her into the finalists, so it was their responsibility to organize the show accordingly. But no, clearly the idea was to take her into the competition and get drama out of making her feel bad about it.

    That she went on to do amazing photos anyway, including staging a photo shoot herself, shows what a great work ethic she has and potential as a model. I hope she pursues it. She’s amazing looking, and seems to have a great spirit too.

    Winner: Maryam
    Losers: Rest of Canada’s Next Top Model, with special mention for über-losers Beker and Manuel

  21. I was truly appalled that Nikita and Meghan made fun of Maryam’s accent but more that CNTM actually aired it. Those girls look like grown up women but really, they are teenagers. I guess the producers should have taken them to Paris instead of New York so they could see that the entire world does not speak English, but eh! here is a tought: an awful lot of born and raised Canadian do to. Amongst those: First Nations (that’s right, Linsay) and French-Canadian (oldest population of white settlers). Just get around a little and you’ll see (pardon: hear). And by the way, I disliked equally Nikita’s comments on poor Rebecca earlier in the show. So Rebecca had issues…but so does Nikita. I know nothing of the world of fashion, but I do about the world of learning disabilities as a school psych. She obviously has not learned much from it…yet.

  22. Although I tend to agree with the general sentiment here, I’d like to add a little water to all this rather strong wine.

    For starters, I’d like to give Linsey a break. She was angry at Maryam, and I totally can see why. Maryam’s mistake could have cost her her spot in the top 3. It could have also caused her to get blamed by the dress’ designer(s), given that she was the one wearing it.
    Furthermore, other than (deservedly) expressing her anger toward Maryam, Linsay never said anything mean-spirited to, or about her.

    I also found it was rather petty of Maryam to try and minimize the size of the rip. It was a big rip, and her trying to BS her way around it didn’t come across well to me.

    As for the complications mentioned by Jay, well, Maryam’s situation *was* complicated. Twice, she wasn’t able to travel. I’m not saying it’s her fault, since it’s very likely due to her paperwork being trapped in some file over at Immigration Canada. However, for a model, being able to travel, and that, whenever, wherever and often on short notice is simply essential, and there’s no way to get around that without a passport, unfortunately. It would have been a major issue, had she won.

    That said, I was appalled by the confessional featuring Nikita and Meaghan. It was low, ugly, cheap and classless. I was particularly disappointed that Meghan would indulge in this kind of trash-talk and backstabbing; I always thought she was one of the nicest girls in the competition. Goes to show how wrong I was.

    So I’ll be rooting for Linsey tonight. Not because she’s my favourite, because although I do like her, she isn’t. As far as physical attributes go, I find Nikita to be the most interesting of the top 3, and that, by a long shot.
    However, her cattiness is a complete turn-off. You can be blunt and brutally honest without being mean-spirited and taking cheap shots at others. I should know, I’m blunt and brutally honest. But I don’t say behind people’s backs things I wouldn’t say to their face.

    And I wish Maryam well. She’s a lovely girl with a lovely personality, even if a tad clumsy. She has an interesting look, and the ability to take criticism and learn from it. Hopefully, she’ll make good use of the knowledge and experience she gained on the show.

  23. Rachel, Maryam admitted to ripping the dress after being attacked by the other girls. However, Linsay forgot to note that she also ripped the dress too….. How convenient for her.
    And the judges knew about Maryam’s passport situation before the show even started. So they let her in knowing she couldn’t leave the country, therefore use that as an excuse as to why they ditched her is stupid. And That’s not really “complicated” since her passport arrived the day they booted her so again no more issues. And if I do remember correctly her and Linsay had the best photoshoots that episode, so really the only reason she was ousted is because she’s iranian, which apparently = “complicated life” as quoted by Jay. Because nothing else about her makes her complicated, the only thing different about her and the others is that she is an immigrant which again = “complicated” to some peeps.

  24. I concur with all comments above. I was outraged after watching Maryam getting kicked off the show – especially by Jeannie Becker’s comments. Maryam was so determined, professional and respectful to everyone in all of her dealings on the show. The other girls lack of professionalism and borderline racist comments were appalling. In Linsay’s defence – they did edit it to make her seem more nasty and when you watch the uncut version online you can see that she was trying to ensure that Maryam understood why she was upset. The season finale last night was a total let down and the fact that Megan won just makes the show that much more dissapointing.

  25. Yes, I can understand Linsay’s anger, and that Maryam’s minimizing reaction was not helpful, but she said she was sorry from the very start. I don’t think the judges got to see the whole thing on tape before the judging. There was resentment that she was let to continue in the competition ever since she could not go to the Bahamas. But that was not HER call, that was the judges. Again, it’s the making fun of her accent and difficulties with English that I did not appreciate. It’s just as bad as if people had made fun of Nikita’s dyslexia. it’s not something you can help.

  26. This week’s show was a disgrace, being racial and with Jeanie Becker being her usual arrogant, obnoxious self. It is time that she was taken off all fashion shows. She has always been an embarresment to Canada as a very dowdy person who has because of her background (ethnic) and her financial ability to have a lot of facial work, etc., is still only “passable” on the fashion scene. I think Canada has far better experts who can do a far better job than this racist, after all Maryam, being an Iranian was going to make Ms. Becker’s blood boil no matter what first because of her ethnic backround vs. Ms Beckers, plus Maryam’s natural beauty and charm. Something that has always been sorely lacking in Ms. Becker.

  27. I was disgusted by the level of racism directed towards a new non-white immigrant. Is this the reality of multicultural Canada?

  28. Jeanne Beker is the kind of moron who is, year after year, more excited to see Paul McCartney than Stella McCartney at the designer’s fashion show.

    She should be off the air, pronto, and she should not be charged with judging anyone. She is clueless, a joke in fashion, and a disgrace to Canada in how she behaved to and about an immigrant girl on this show.

    And, by the way, this is now the 3rd season of ANTM giving the prize to the skinniest, whitest girl in the competition. I guess now we know why Jay dyes his hair Aryan-white. And why have Warsame on the panel at all if you’re not going to go by her opinion (pro-Maryam, anti-Meaghan) at all.

    This show sucks. Will not be watching its next outing, unless there is an explicit on-air apology for what went down.

  29. sorry but i have to say i disagree with most of this… I can understand why Linsay would be upset, Maryam could have ruined her chancesof winning the show. What Nikita and Meaghan did was not racist, mean it was but i fail to see how she was rasict. Meaghan and Nikita were not making fun of iraqian people (or whever else shes from). Yes it was mean of them because Maryam is a sweet girl. but as i said i fail to see the racisim. Thats like by saying making fun of a fat person is racisim. DO fat people have there own race??? i know i have made fun of fat people, i do not mean it but we have all done it. Anybody here that says they havnt made fun of an over weight person, i think is just being a liar. Also hello! its Canadas next top MODEl. NOT OPRAHS BIG GIVE ! Point of the show is not to nice?! Look at Tyra banks i know for a fact that this girl can bitch! yet i still love her! Tyra fired Paulina Porizkova because she was too out spoken!being nice has nothing to do with the fact of modeling. Too say what they said was disgusting is ridicoulous! Its a confession box! you dont hold back your emotions! If your this mad dont be mad at Meaghan and Nikita they where doing what the confession box is made for! be mad at the broadcast place for airing it! i still do agree that Maryam is an AMAZING model! especially come from the fact that she would not have a reason to be good at it. I honestly do not like Linsay i think she does need to calm down a little and getting too cocky! I dont ccare who disagrees but i love MEAGHAN ANd NIKITA. Also her elimination wasnt just about ripping the dress she is too busy she missed 2 MAJOR TRIPS! you cant do that in the modeling world or else you become just A model and not a top model! Im so proud that Meaghan won! TO have the girls apoligive is pathetic and useless. Have you ever gossiped about anyone one? And i know you have because you all talking about how meaghan, Nikita, and linsay are all bad people, rite? So the shows over enjoy next season.. and please dont be so one dimensional about people next time k? thanx for reading this! love CANADA’S NEXT TOP MODEL AND IM GOING TO WATCH NEXT SEASON GOODBYE!

  30. I can understand Linsay being mad about her ripped dress. we all at some point while being on emotional stage of mind ( being mad) dont see the whole picture . we tend to look at what happened and pay less attention to how it happened. According to what i saw Maryam didnt mean to rip her dress and ruin Linsays walk.I have been watching this show and not once did Maryam made fun or insult any other girl. It was a mistake everybody makes mistakes and the idea of all the girls ganging up on Maryam was so unproffessional and so not kool.
    About Megan and Nikita’s racist comments about Maryams accent-i always thought Megan was the best one but after seeing her backstabbing and then coming out as the good person infront of Maryam i didnt find her so appealing as a model.Being mad at someone is one thing and Being racist to someone is another. Girls at the end of the day Maryam hugged all of you goodbye and said shell miss you . she always said shell miss you when you guys went out of Canada photo shoots too.and the time when Linsay kept pointing out how Maryam is always covered.So what? wheni saw Maryam i saw a girl takign a challenge to step away from her culture to become someone she wanted to be despite the dificulties of culture shock and passport problems.She arranged her own photo shoot which showed determination.i give her credit for that.Maryam didnt become Canada’s Next Top Model so what ? its a competition and one win the other has to lose BUT she has potrayed a a great beauty from within and i believe that makes her the best model.

  31. jack,
    your idea is absolutely fallacious,undrestand?
    just think alittle,
    by the way she is from Iran, not Iraq

  32. The show in which Maryam was eliminated has only just aired on UK TV. I am uttertly shocked and disgusted with the systmatic racial abuse by the other girls. All of the girls repeatedly made comments about Maryam’s inability to understand as though she was stupid. It was heartbreaking to watch Maryam act so dignified in the midst of all the nastiness that was takiing place. Despite the fact that was clearly disadvantaged she went the extra mile to prove that she deserved her place.
    We all watched the footage that showed Lindsey when she fell and had the dresses not been made of tissue paper she may have had a stronger case but the way they treated Maryam was very distressing. This was only exacerbated by Jeanne Beker whose contempt for her was thinly veiled.
    Worse still are the comments made by another girl about looking ‘disabled’ and ‘retarded’ and these comments being unchallenged.
    Canada’s Next Top modal has totally lost the plot, I and my friend are two viewers that do not care about the outcome and will no longer be watching the show.

  33. Though this show has been aired a year ago I still cant stop thinking bout it as OTHER country’s next top model were being aired…Now that ive been watching AUSTRALIA’S NEXT TOP MODEL I cant help but love the show so much in the way how the panel of judges really emphazised that nasty behavior cant be tolerated …I love it when they would always tell the girls after each episode and if someone has been bullied that such behavior wont bring them anywhere…Of all this modelling contests aired on TV AUSTRALIAS NEXT TOP MODEL HAS SHOWN THAT BULLYING SHOULD STOP…AND IT NEEDS TO BE SHOWN TO THE WORLD …WHAT HAD HAPPENED TO CNTM 3 WAS THE WORST AIRED ON TV…JEANNIE BEKER SHOULD RETIRE FROM FASHION WORLD AND LET OTHERS W/ BRAIN STEPS IN….

  34. Just saw this episode in starworld and I couldn’t agree more with the majority here that Maryam has been bullied. She’s my favorite and what the other 3 did to her was really shameful and racist. Don’t want to watch the next episode of CNTM since nothing left but LOSER.

  35. I agree with everything everyone stated above me, except for Jack. I’ve just finished watching this episode, and that was ultimately the first and the last episode of CNTM I’ll ever watch, period.

    It was disgusting how they just let those racist slurs aired. Jeanne Beker was downright unprofessional. It was so painfully obvious how she personally disliked Maryam.

    None of the three other girls deserved to represent Canada, with that kind of attitude. It’s embarrassing.

    Seriously. And you know what’s more embarrassing for the whole lot of them? How Maryam never, not even once, bitched about them behind their back. She was the winner in every way, save for the now-rubbish title of Canada’s Top Model. Which she didn’t need.

  36. I just saw this episode in starworld like Taya. I felt totally awful for how Maryam was treated, for those fucking racists, and for Jeanne Beker’s BS. Poor Maryam.

  37. I was so upset over Maryam’s dismissal on CNTM which aired on Starworld tonight, that I did an Internet search to see where Maryam went on after the show. I was so surprised and uplifted to see so many other people feeling as appalled as me at the blatant racism and bullying displayed by the contestants on the show towards Maryam, and the unbelievable ‘sage words’ of Jay at judging. How many great people were borne from adverse circumstances – Einstein was a refugee, so was Madeline Albright, and numerous other great people, including quite a few top models. Over 200 million people worldwide are migrants – with the courage to leave their homes in search for a better life. Maryam, and her family, should be applauded, not penalised, for their strength. A ‘complicated’ life is what gives one character and depth, it is what gives one thoughtfulness and the ability to see beyond one’s own tiny cocoon of a life. For Jay to use THAT as the final excuse for dismissing Maryam only serves to reflect his, and the CNTM producers’, shallowness. I watch these Top Model shows just for light entertainment, but I have never felt so strongly about a model’s dismissal before. To echo the words of many others before me – this was complete and utter BS. The show is just BS. I don’t necessarily think Maryam should win, I haven’t such a vested interest in this show – but the manner in which she was dismissed was ludicrous. That is what “makes my blood boil”. And to her credit, in interviews after the show, Maryam remained poised, gracious and matured in her responses to questions about the other contestants and the show. Kudos to you, Maryam, for being the bigger person. You’re better than that farce of a reality TV show anyway.

  38. I totally agree with all comments above. I really disappointed after seeing the show that Maryam had to leave. I thought to be a model the assignment was not just beauty outside but more from the inside.
    I’ve seen those 3 girls making fun of her behind her back but i didnt see that happened from Maryam to her friends. What a shame!

    Me myself, i’ve stopped seeing this programme coz what i saw was just a bunch of girls saying bad things to others more than what u have to do to become a professional top model.

  39. I know I’m two years too late, but I’ve just watched the show and I just can’t stop thinking about it. I know everything has already been said but I just need to vent out my frustration over this show.

    To Jack, yes we’ve all been mean one time or two in our lives, but that doesn’t make it acceptable. And yes, it’s racist. Because they were making fun of her accent and her “disability” to speak English like them. It’s racist because if she has a French accent, Maryam would have appeared sophisticated in the other girls’ eyes. It’s sad, but it’s true. The fact that she’s Iranian made her look “undeserving” in those girls’ eyes. They were not making fun of her because she has a different accent; they were making fun of her because her accent came from a non-first world country. That’s sad. That’s racist.

    I was appalled especially by Meghan’s behavior when Maryam was comforting her after the Covergirl photoshoot. Maryam was being her usual self: nice and sweet. She was trying to comfort Meghan, but Meghan didn’t see it that way. She saw Maryam as a pest who is ruining her moment to cry.

    Maryam clearly ripped the dress, but she was just trying to help. She didn’t know that her good intention would have resulted that way. She was sorry multiple times. And who cares how big the rip is. She ripped it (inadvertently, though) so it doesn’t matter if it’s big or small. But Linsay also ripped it when she fell. So at least the judges should have mentioned that the rip was a group effort.

    I understand why Linsay was upset so I’m not as mad at her. What I can’t understand is how she couldn’t comprehend that it was an accident. She kept going at Maryam as if the girl was an idiot. Grrr…

    Megan and Nikita were so mean and nasty not only at Maryam but at Linsay too when she won the challenge. Jealous bitches! But that seems to be the theme of the show even from the start. Remember when Jill, Heather and Nikita had been given the special room after winning a challenge, all the other girls were so jealous and nasty! It’s okay to be jealous but it’s not all right to be a bitch.

    This show sucks! I hope the other cycles aren’t so bad.

  40. And oh yeah, I fail to see what’s “complicated” about Maryam’s life? First, the show was made to help aspiring models reach their dreams. So I don’t understand why they just couldn’t help Maryam (should she win but obviously she did not) with her paperwork. That’s what the show is all about! Help girls reach their dreams. So that “complicated” life shouldn’t be complicated at all if the show would just do its job and help. It’s not as if Maryam couldn’t travel because of a criminal past.

  41. After Maryam had to leave a show, I don’t keep watching CNTM 3. I’m so dissapointed about the judges and two girls Nikita, Megan. Action of two girls – mocking behind Maryam- is really shameful!!! Lindsay’s anger is understandable, because this is competition. And none has a good personality like Maryam to be able to behave model, sweetly and admirably in bad situations as this cycle.

  42. I was completely disgusted by the 3 contestants and the judges behaviour to Maryam. I’m so sick and tired of people being treated this way. I, myself, have been treated this way too, and guess what I’m Iranian as well. I’ve had people take advantage of me because of my language barriers, or because of my colour of skin. I’ve had people like those girls gang up on me, and people like the judges completely ignore me and go to the other girl’s sides. Wake up Canada! We are just as much as citizens, humans, and the future of Canada as you are. I’d like to see those girls speak another language with enough clarity. But I won’t count on it, because if they have they wouldn’t have dared to imitate Maryam in such a way. I’m appauled that they expect people from other countries to pronounce their names, their words properly, yet they take no time or effort to say other people’s names and country of origin right. First of all Jay, its not Miriam, its Maryam. Second of all, why should immigrants have to properly say your names right, or Canada right if you don’t bother to put in that extra effort to say things right. How many times have I had idiots make fun of my name, or my country and no matter how hard I tried to have them stop no one would say anything. The most the teachers did was say, “That’s wrong, now apologize. Ok, good.” Really? If I went and made fun of someone’s name, or said something racists, the teachers would all attack me. And trust me, I had a stupid woman harrass me in school for me to hang out with her lame daughter and I’m the one getting sent to the office because I’d rather join clubs that spend hours about listening to her complain about how cold or how hot the weather is. Psh, stupid bitch. This isn’t something new that is occurring in Canada, I’ve been a victim, and so has my family, and friends.

    Why do you think so many Asians, Middle Easterner’s are changing their names to a Western name. How many times have your heard Alexander Lee, Kevin Kim, Sarah Yin, Sarah Abdollah, etc…? Yes, because we are tired of people making fun of us, and no one cares! FUCK YOU! I’m done with CNTM, or anything coming out of Canada. Most of you people aren’t that accepting of immigrants, and only fake. You take advantage of us, telling us that we are smart only to have us help you with difficult tasks, and then see you making lousy imitations and racial comments about us behind our backs. I’m sick of it, and I’m not going to bother taking any hateful comments, because I’m fed up. Why should I be treated this way, or anyone else for that matter be treated this way just because we are different?

    Also, about Maryam’s passport issue. The previous cycles, the contestants never travelled outside of Canada. Why is it that this year, since they have awknowledged that Maryam doesn’t have one, they decide to make TWO trips outside of Canada? HUH?!? It was planned, and it was to stir drama for the audience. How else would this show get any views? People are drawn in by drama, unfortunately.

    And people are angry that this was aired? I wonder if they decided not to show other footages because they were much more horrible and racist. I’m sure the girls said far racist and cruel things about Maryam.

    As for speaking the English language properly. Those girls aren’t speaking proper English if they even wanted to. Yes, proper English, not just some swear words and “Oh my God, did you hear that!” Stupid.

    Also, which idiot makes a dress out of tissue paper and expects it to not get ripped? Obviously not a smart person. Its like, oh, I’m sure tissue paper and withstand any silk, cotton, cashmere, and spandex anyday. Thank God it ripped. Maybe it was a wake-up call to not bother making such useless art if it is meant to be worn or used in any manner other than being shown in Museums.

  43. I’m glad that like me,maryam also has many’s really kind of confusing why maryam should be eliminated when she performed better than maeghan in the photo shoot. Bcuz usually,no matter what,the judges should rate the girls according to their best takes on photo shoot. At least in ANTM that’s what i notice. They really had been unfair.

  44. the episode u were all talking about hasn’t been aired here in southeast Asia. i didn’t watch CNTM until last night. so i happened to watch CNTM’s episode where all 4 girls went to New York while Maryam was left behind bcoz she didn’t have a passport. the other 3 other girls were so happy about it. one girl even said “get a passport dammit! hahahaha” they’re all laughing their ass off of Maryam’s misery. that’s sooo mean! since i’ve read all the comments above, i think i won’t watch CNTM anymore. they’re all just nasty, racist, and mean. what a shame!

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