In the news: ‘Nasty’ Canada’s Next Top Model ends tonight

From Kate Taylor of the Globe and Mail:

  • Modelling competition fails to produce a real winner
    “Even by the standard of TV talent contests, those overhyped and tearful exercises in humiliation and jubilation, Top Model is pretty nasty. The American show on which this franchise is based has been widely criticized both for humiliating its contestants with painful critiques and skimpy costumes, and for the bitchy behaviour of the young women themselves. The Canadian show is also full of bathing suits and underwear, but the judges generally know how to criticize without demolishing: Host Jay Manuel sets the tone here, and while he may look like an alien from the planet Aryan, he is a cheerful sort who is pleasant with all comers. It’s the women themselves who were behaving like vindictive school girls last week in an incident that had embarrassing undertones of racism.” Read more.

3 thoughts on “In the news: ‘Nasty’ Canada’s Next Top Model ends tonight”

  1. i wonder if nikita and lindsay realized they were discriminating and being racist when they were making fun of mariams accent and the fact that she could not comprehend/understand directions….this incident specifically.. they humiliated them SELVES! and if tiara was hosting the show i think she would have done something about it, regardless, im glad its on national television though so the world can see what type of people these women are, and i bet nikita will not get far at ALLLLLLLl. (in the real world since sometimes agencies pick up top model left overs? i assuming)

  2. I noticed that right away and couldn’t believe that such extreme racism was not even brought up by the judges. Shame on them all.

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