In the news: Defying Gravity twists genres

ron livingston101From Randy Shore of the Vancouver Sun:

  • Genre-twisting space adventure, Defying Gravity, blasts off
    “Defying Gravity boldly goes where no relationship drama has gone before. When flight engineer Maddux Donner is suddenly added to a deep-space mission departing for a tour of the solar system with an eight-member crew, including his current lover and a former girlfriend with a torch for him, things are going to be awkward.” Read more.
  • Interview: Defying Gravity is science FACTion
    “If human beings want to visit the other planets in the solar system, what would the ship look like? What technologies would be required? Executive producers Jim Parriott and Michael Edelstein asked these questions of themselves and NASA to create the environment for the space travel drama Defying Gravity.” Read more.