Crash and Burn in production

From a media release:

Whizbang Films and Canwest Announce Start of Production on New Original Canadian Drama Series, Cra$h & Burn

Whizbang Films, in association with Canwest, announced today that principal photography is underway for 13 one-hour episodes of the new original Canadian drama series, Cra$h & Burn. Filming will take place at a Mississauga, ON soundstage and on location in the Hamilton vicinity until December 10, 2009. The series will air on Showcase this November, 2009.

Described as a cross between The Office and The Sopranos by the show’s creator, Malcolm MacRury (ZOS: Zone of Separation, Deadwood), Cra$h & Burn follows Jimmy Burn, a young claims adjuster for a cut-throat, bottom-line insurance corporation. Jimmy maneuvers his way around insurance scams and the criminal underworld as he tries to escape his past and make a better life on the gritty post-industrial streets of Hamilton.

Cra$h & Burn is executive produced by Paul Gross, Frank Siracusa, and Malcolm MacRury, and stars Luke Kirby (Tell Me You Love Me, Slings and Arrows) as Jimmy Burn, the cocky yet charming up-and-comer looking to claim a piece of the corporate pie as an insurance adjuster. Casting also features Leela Savasta (Battlestar Galactica, Intelligence) as Lucia Silva, Jimmy’s live-in girlfriend; Caroline Cave (The L Word, This Beautiful City) as Catherine Scott, a shrewd yet practical in-house insurance lawyer; Clark Johnson (The Wire, Homicide: Life on the Street, also an Emmy-nominated director on The Shield) as Walker Hearn, a veteran insurance investigator and Steve Bacic (The Guard, Andromeda) as Korkov, a conman and Mafioso hustling to scam the system.

Slated to direct the series are Gemini Award winner Anne Wheeler (DaVinci’s Inquest); two-time Gemini Award nominee Ken Girotti (Rescue Me); Gemini Award winner Peter Wellington (Slings and Arrows); one of The Hollywood Reporter’s Top 10 directors to watch, Kari Skogland (50 Dead Men Walking); and Leo Award winner, Rachel Talalay (Terminal City).

Creator Malcolm MacRury is also the series showrunner. Director of Photography is Milan Podsedly (Jozi-H). The writing team includes, Malcolm MacRury, Jackie May (The Foundation), John Krizanc (The Summit), Jeremy Boxen (The Listener) and Bobby Theodore (Murdoch Mysteries). Production designer is Andrew Stearn (Chicago).

Overseeing the series at Canwest are VP of Showcase and Drama Content Tara Ellis and Production Executive Susan Alexander.

Cra$h & Burn is developed and produced by Whizbang Films in association with Canwest. It is produced with the participation of the Cogeco Program Development Fund, The Rogers Cable Network Fund, the Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund, the Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit and the Ontario Media Development Corporation.

A companion website for the series, in association with the Bell New Media Fund is being produced concurrently and will launch with the show to give viewers an unprecedented interactive experience with the show and its characters.


39 thoughts on “Crash and Burn in production”

  1. OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    this is so being filmed like a block away from me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. My daughter was filming several scenes today in Hamilton. What a well organized production! The cast and crew are fantastic!

  3. WOW what a production again in my neighbourhood.. that’s 3 so far for me.. Gotta love Hamilton and living downtown.. I can see them from my apartment .. Hate the traffic tie up’s and all the curiosity.. Right at the Irish pub, I pass by all the time.. Away to go Hamilton.. Bring in the interest and money ..

  4. they are filming in the bar lake area hamilton they just brought all the trucks in and and are setting up for 17 to film 340 am and also wish i could in the the show

  5. Kool….! I live in the building where they have a set and action of the film. And I wish if I can join the film production.
    I love movies and series speciali done in Canada. The cast and crew are fantastic! All the best of Production.


  6. I have been in several episodes and not only is it a well run production but all of the cast and crew are just great. Can’t wait to watch it. Great job everyone!!

  7. My son played a part in some of the series and it is well put together. The other cast and directors are just great. Can’t wait for the first episode in November.

  8. Looks like they are setting up filming on Trinity Road and Sawmill outside Ancaster. They have a few staging areas and are closing the road every night next week.

  9. As of Nov. 17 they were filming at the Ancaster Old Mill restaurant. Hamilton has lots of atmosphere and scenic spots compared to our neighbour to the East. Good movie location.

  10. I just watched my first episode of this FANTASTIC new show. I think it’s great!!

    Sadly, every time I get invested in a new show, it seems to get CANCELLED!….Life, Pushing Daisies, Eli Stone, Life on Mars, Eastwick, Southland, The Nine, etc.

    I really hope this one stays around for a long time.

  11. Just watched the first episode and I loved it! Like DalamoX says…too many good shows get cancelled!
    Good Luck Cra$h and Burn!

  12. I watched the first episode and I cant wait for the next one. Really good show and its so cool to see streets and buildings that I see all the time just in my day-to-day life. They even make referrences to the
    TiCats…Im liking it!!!…I urge everyone, if they havent seen this show yet…CHECK IT OUT!!!…You wont be disappointed. Canadian shows are usually garbage, not this one!!!…All the best Crash and Burn…Im sure Ill see you on my street soon enough (Locke South)…

  13. Today I seen them filming this as I was getting a coffee looks very intresting, will deff try to catch an episode on showcase. yay hamilton !! ^_^

  14. Kim, it’s on Showcase at 9pm. It’s so great to see all the Hamilton scenes, that’s for sure. I have been trying to figure out where the office is, and now that I see it’s also filmed in Mississauga, I think they’ve filmed the office scenes there, but super-impose it against the Hamilton skyline.
    Oh … and by the way, I’m in insurance, so this makes it an extra special show for me to watch ;)

  15. Love the show!!!! Love seeing Hamilton, love my city. Loving the characters, especially Jimmy, Lucia and Catherine! Enjoyed seeing Tiger-Cats strewn through an episode, that being said, it would be great to see Jimmy @ a Bulldogs game. Lastly, how are we seeing so many cops and insurance people hanging around the Hammer and no one has a Timmy’s!!!!!!!!!!! I have to check each week as the schedule seems to have changed but I PVR it and make anyone who visits watch it under the guise of looking for familiar landmarks, but I know they’re getting hooked after an episode or two! You keep making the show and I’ll keep pushing it!

  16. Wonderful show! I am spreading the word.
    DalamoX has the same taste as myself. Same consequences too. My approval seems to be the kiss of death.
    I love this show.

  17. The show is GREAT. Like everyone else I too love to see my city’s sights on the show. Please, don’t let this one get flushed, many good shows bite the dust too soon after starting. Keep it up!!!!

  18. What a great show. The characters, the story line, and dialogue. Kudos to the writers and directors on this one.

    Do I smell Gemini, and many other awards to come. I hope with the problems with CanWest that this one does
    not slide under the table. It is great. Keep Bringing it. I am hooked.

  19. And specially Kudos to the actors. Why go to Hollywood to find the best actors on TV?
    Our best kept secret that is not a secret any more.
    The best actors and actesses on TV are right here in our own backyard. Canada

  20. wow……..the lawyer in last night’s episode was hot, hot, hot……..did anyone else notice????……more of him please…….keep up the great work guys, want to see Season 2 happen!!

  21. love this show…love that it is canadian and we can relate to the locations and the atmosphere…just like the border that way…hope it stays around!

  22. This was a good show. I wish it would return to production. The characters and story line were really good. I miss watching it.

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