In the news: Defying Gravity mines relationship drama

From Alessandra Stanley of the New York Times:

  • Inner-Space Problems in Outer Space
    “But it’s not sex that distinguishes this series. Most of the best science-fiction shows, from Star Trek to Battlestar Galactica and The Sarah Connor Chronicles, find drama in personality conflicts and the complicated relationships between men and women. But girl talk, romance and sexual tension are the centerpiece of Defying Gravity.” Read more.

From Steve Hammons of American Chronicle:

  • New TV series ‘Defying Gravity’ explores space, human beings
    “Although some reviews of the series have made fun of the romantic relationships on the spacecraft Antares, the fact is that human relationships are legitimate and important aspects of the field of space psychology. In future years, when space missions may involve months and years, human behavior and relationships will continue to play a large role in space travel and activities.” Read more.

From the Futon Critic: