In the news: Lots more reviews, interviews on Defying Gravity

DefyingGravityFrom Chris Lackner of Canwest News Service:

  • To boldly go where no soap opera has gone before
    “Space. The final frontier. These are the voyages of the spaceship Antares. Its ongoing mission, to boldly go where no soap opera has gone before. Part Grey’s Anatomy, part Isaac Asimov, part Captain Kirk’s ultimate dream come true, Defying Gravity is a new series about a small crew of young, libido-driven beautiful women and men exploring space.” Read more.
  • Crew shenanigans spark most gravity-defying events on Antares
    Laura Harris: “It’s almost impossible to discuss about 90 per cent of what happens — which is cool, because the 10 per cent is enough in a way, the relationships, going into space, what that might look like.” Read more.

From Greg Quill of the Toronto Star:

  • Defying Gravity: Is it just Lost, in space?
    “But arcing a mystery over six long years of a voyage through the solar system – as the creators of the new American, made-in-Canada TV series Defying Gravity are hoping to do – is a skill test of almost superhuman proportions. How can any TV mystery hope to sustain an audiences’ interest for so long?” Read more.

From Debra Yeo of the Toronto Star:

  • Ron Livingston on kissing, cubicles and spaceships
    “Actor Ron Livingston says there are three roles he still gets stopped in the street for: Peter Gibbons in Office Space, Capt. Lewis Nixon in Band of Brothers and Jack Berger, the writer who dumped Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City via Post-it note. With any luck, Maddux Donner in Defying Gravity will be the fourth.” Read more.

From Bill Harris of Sun Media:

  • Show’s fate up in the air
    ” To succeed, Defying Gravity will have to defy some embedded TV-genre distinctions. The series, which lifts off with a two-hour premiere tonight (CTV, ABC), has been described as ‘Grey’s Anatomy in space.’ But is that necessarily a good thing for devotees of either side?” Read more.

From Matt Roush of TV Guide Magazine:

  • Defying Gravity: Desperate Astronauts
    “In space, can no one hear your orgasm? A scene of weightless levitating sex (drawing comparisons to the James Bond camp classic Moonraker) is one of the centerpieces of the two-hour premiere of ABC’s Defying Gravity (Sunday, 9/8c; airs regularly at 10/9c on following Sunday). The show defies convention by trying with uneven results to force ABC’s signature style of female-friendly romantic melodrama (complete with pervasive pop soundtrack) onto the ooky, spooky intrigues of science-fiction.” Read more.

From Michael Starr of the New York Post:

From Gabrielle Pantera of Hollywood Today:

  • Christina Cox Defying Gravity, Defying Sex in Space
    “This is the first time that we’re looking at, can we put someone on the surface of Mars?” says Cox. “Can we put them on Venus? How will that work? What are the psychological repercussions of long term space travel when you isolate people from their families for five or six years?” Read more.

From Jonathan Pinkerton of the Nashville Entertainment Examiner:

  • New ABC series ‘Defying Gravity’ nothing more than ‘Private Practice’ meets a ‘Lost’ wannabe
    “Despite the heavy soap opera setup, the pilot packs in quite a lot of mystery and uncertainty and quite frankly seems a bit heady and thinks much more of itself than its acting or writing merits. Perhaps in an attempt to be taken more seriously then some of their other work, Edlestein, Parriott and their team tackle much larger issues than most TV today, with storylines exploring philosophy, race, religion, gender, sex, morality, not to mention the addition of complex scientific jargon and seemingly complex situations.” Read more.