Reviews, interviews – Defying Gravity

From Todd VanDerWerff at the AV Club:

From W. Andrew Powell of The Gate:

From Rachel Thomas of

  • An Interview with Christina Cox (Jen, Defying Gravity)
    “It’s about what happens when you take 8 people and you isolate them from their families and their entire existence as they know it and send them off for 6 years on a journey that they have to complete. What does that do to their psyche, what does it do to their soul? It brings up the questions of fate and destiny.” Read more.

From Cameron Archer of URBMN:

  • Defying Gravity 1.1
    “Defying Gravity (CTV/’A’/ABC, two-hour premiere August 2, 9:00 PM ET/PT; in regular timeslot starting August 9, 10:00 PM ET/PT on CTV/ABC; premieres August 7, 8:00 PM ET on SPACE) is an anomaly in the world of prime-time Canadian content. The creator of the show, James D. Parriott, has run or co-run shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Sons of Anarchy and Ugly Betty. He created Misfits of Science, Voyagers! and Forever Knight, so his sci-fi credentials are solid.” Read more.