In the news: Flashpoint’s US fate unanswered

From Robert Seidman of TV by the Numbers:

  • Is Flashpoint kinda canceled?
    “According to president of CBS Entertainment, Nina Tassler at the TCA press tour, the show hasn’t been renewed beyond the 9 already produced episodes already in the can. CBS plans to air those episodes and is open to more.” Read more.

4 thoughts on “In the news: Flashpoint’s US fate unanswered”

  1. This actually isn’t anything new. Nina Tassler was just restating the current situation that CBS has with Flashpoint, something that has existed for many months.

    CBS will air the nine episodes being filmed now at some point either this year or next. CBS has not yet committed to airing the 13 episodes CTV plans to produce in 2010. From my understanding, CBS has a contractual agreement with CTV that it doesn’t have to let CTV know about the 2010 episodes until just after the fall season starts.

    So really nothing new was mentioned. CBS is in a holding pattern with Flashpoint and we won’t know much more until probably early October. And until CBS decides what it will do with Flashpoint, CTV is apparently holding on its own plans for the show.

  2. I know Diane…I wasn’t suggesting that you shouldn’t report this…it is news. But there has been a mistaken perseption in the United States that what Nina said means that Flashpoint is or will be cancelled, at least down South. I was just trying to emphasize that CBS hasn’t made its decision yet and reduce fears that CBS has already written the show off.

    I’ve looked at a lot of the fan boards down in the States and many Flashpoint fans have indeed misinterpreted the comments to mean that CBS will not air the show after the nine episodes being filmed now.

    FWIW, her exact comments have been reported in different ways on different websites so its hard to know what she actually said. Some versions of her comments that I read could lead fans to think CBS will not air any further episodes after the nine that are almost finished. Other versions seem to hold out hope but conditional hope.

  3. Yeah, I was mostly trying to be funny. I rarely succeed, but I try. I don’t think the Flashpoint situation has been reported on or commented on much at all, even when they scheduled it for this summer and then pulled it, so her words are being put under a microscope. I’m unclear if she said this, but some people are saying they’ll wait to see how Medium does. However since they’re now not even airing the already-shot episodes of Flashpoint until next year, I can’t imagine why they’d commit to more at this point.

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