Tonya Lee Williams joins The Border

TLWFrom a media release:

Tonya Lee Williams joins the 3rd season of CBC’s “THE BORDER”

Tonya Lee Williams will play a senior U.S. Department of Homeland Security agent, in the Canadian drama about elite Canadian immigration and customs officers working with U.S. authorities to defend the Canadian-U.S. border against outside threats.

Williams best know for her starring role as Olivia Winters on The #1 daytime Soap The Young and The Restless joins the cast of The Border a Canadian drama airing on CBC Television and 20 other TV networks worldwide. The series is set in Toronto and follows agents of the fictitious Immigration and Customs Security (ICS) agency, created by the Government of Canada to deal with trans-border matters concerning Canadian national security including terrorism and smuggling.

Williams will be recurring as Constance Meade, Director of Intelligence and Detection for the US Department of Homeland Security. Meade is a highly-placed American government official who knows where the bodies are buried. She operates in the murky backstage world of Beltway politics – secret meetings, political trade-offs, influence peddling, the constant maneuvering and jostling for power. She’s a conduit to the corridors of power, able to get things done in the bureaucratic thickets of Washington, she’s tough, uncompromising, and authoritative, willing to make hard choices and see them through. The issues in the show are drawn from issues that currently face Canada and the rest of the world such as 9/11, The Darfur Crisis, human rights violations in China and trans-national crimes such as pedophiles and international crime rings. The Border show’s the Canadian perspective in facing national security issues that would affect the country.