New tonight: Defying Gravity on CTV – “Threshold”

10 p.m. – DEFYING GRAVITY – “Threshold” – ALL-NEW EPISODE

Taboos are broken and lines are crossed as personal and professional relationships aboard the Antares and on Earth continue to intensify. The unseen power behind the mission begins to create both cellular and psychological transformations among the astronauts.


One thought on “New tonight: Defying Gravity on CTV – “Threshold””

  1. Steve shouldn’t be in space. Why do we need a character who is mean, offensive, useless and horrible, and why should we have or support the notion that

    taxpayers should be paying a vast fortune to coddle the existance of someone this horrible, vile and useless in outerspace – so he can maybe learn a thing or

    two or maybe after twenty episodes see a bit of a conscience? If he is not gone in three episodes Im deleting this show from my roster, its just too frustrating

    and painful to watch this horrible, nasty human being acting like an angry, disturbed 11 year old in an ridiculoulous and unecessary bid to attract the slacker generation who has already moved on to better things. What a waste of time and script space

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