Ice Pilots NWT premieres in November on History Television

From a media release:

Ice Pilots NWT
Wednesdays at 10 pm ET/PT beginning November 2009
If no one else will do it, the Ice Pilots of Canada’s Northwest Territories will. Renegade Arctic airline Buffalo Airways defies the cold and the competition by flying propeller planes from the Second World War on missions all over the Canadian North. Landing precious cargo onto remote airstrips at mine sites, water bombing forest fires and carving out runways on frozen lakes and rocky tundra, the Ice Pilots do it all, despite blizzards, breakdowns and crazy passengers.


6 thoughts on “Ice Pilots NWT premieres in November on History Television”

  1. wow,

    Just wow.

    They forgot the CARS in that intro…LMAO.

    I’m sure transport will have the popcorn ready…

  2. haha, no kidding i wouldn’t be surprised if they had to cancel the show because TC shut down the airline lmao…

  3. its going to be great to see how they do things i loaded those c46 for ilford riverton and then air manitoba for 10 years

  4. Do we really have to subject the unknown world to this BS. Do the ” ICE PILOTS”, know how to light a HERMAN NELSON? not the push button type 5 hp honda engine but the real light the wick type. Get up at 4 in the morning for a 7 am take off. If you are Dorothy, you can click your heels and you will be in Kansas. How about oil dilution?, do they know what that is? How about buckets of oil on the stove,been there done that.

    This is from an ICE ENGINEER who made their life simple. By the way, Transport would be interested to see just how the ICE DOGS got their aircarft off the ground.

    And I know what some of you are going to say “That’s when the dinosuars roamed the earth”, WELL, after that “THEN CAME THE MONKEYS”. Let your mind wander.

    The Ice Pilot inventor must be an Ice Dork or some one totally bored with life. It takes two to make a good airplane ( one flies and the other fixes, neither one takes glory over the other ).

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