In the news: Durham County season finale tonight

durham-00298.jpgFrom John Doyle of the Globe and Mail:

  • Sophisticated and sinister drama was made for adults
    “It’s not easy to classify Durham County (TMN, Movie Central 9 p.m.). Much has been written about the series, and sometimes attempts to define the genre to which it belongs invoke the term ‘suburban malaise.’ That’s fine, but the series, which reaches its second-season conclusion tonight, is not really about the suburbs. If there’s any tincture of truth in that definition, then Durham County is about a suburb of the mind, and a sick mind at that. It is great, grown-up TV (it will air later on conventional TV). Let’s classify it as that. It’s disturbing and bleak, and it’s wrong to reduce it to a drama about the suburbs. It’s about angry, unhappy people who could be anywhere.” Read more.

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