Canadian TV on iTunes

This is not likely an exhaustive list so let me know if I’m missing any Canadian shows that are currently on iTunes:


Air FarceAir Farce

Being Erica Being Erica

The Border The Border

Chilly BeachChilly Beach

Corner Gas Corner Gas

Degrassi: The Next Generation Degrassi: TNG

Dragons' DenDragon’s Den

Flashpoint Flashpoint

Heartland Heartland

Instant StarInstant Star


The Jon Dore Television ShowThe Jon Dore Television Show

Life's a ZooLife’s a Zoo

Little Mosque On the Prairie Little Mosque on the Prairie

The Listener The Listener

No Opportunity WastedNo Opportunity Wasted

Odd Job Jack Odd Job Jack

Rick Mercer Report Rick Mercer

Robson Arms Robson Arms

Sophie Sophie

Stargate AtlantisStargate Atlantis

Stargate SG-1Stargate SG-1

Stargate UniverseStargate Universe


This Hour Has 22 Minutes This Hour Has 22 Minutes

Total Drama ActionTotal Drama Action

Total Drama Island Total Drama Island

The TudorsThe Tudors

The Week the Women WentThe Week The Women Went

Wild Roses Wild Roses


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  1. Here are some more. Not sure if they’re all Canadian but…:

    The Tudors (Not sure if it counts. I know CBC helps it.)

    The Nature of Things

    The Border

    Dragon’s Den


    Chilly Beach

    The Week The Woman Went

    The Hour (They call it The Hour, Season 5: Remixed so I’m not sure if it’s exactly like the TV show)

    NOW: No Opportunity Wasted

    Air Farce

    Hockey Night In Canada This Week (I don’t think it’s the real show but how more Canadian can you get)

    Instant Star

    The Musical Brain (According to iTunes, it’s a “CTV original documentary”)

    Mighty Ships (It’s copyright CTV, so…)

    Canada’s Worst Driver

    Daily Planet

    Canada’s Worst Handyman

    House Party ( Copyright The Comedy Network, so…)

    Stratusphere ( (c) CTV, so…)

    The John Dore Television Show

    Comedy Now

    Keys to the VIP ( (c) The Comedy Network, so…)

    Is Stargate Canadian? These series are Canadian/US according to Wikipedia. So…

    Stargate Atlantis

    Stargate Universe (Just a trailer but you can buy a season pass already(

    Stargate SG-1

    Dead Like Me (filmed in Vancouver, according to Wikipedia)

    Degrassi Junior High (Canadian according Wikipedia despite it being under PBS’ section on iTunes Canada)

    Total Drama Action ( (C) Teletoon, so…)

    Stoked (made by “the creators of Total Drama Action and 6TEEN”)

    The next three Teletoon Detour shows are Canadian according to Wikipeida:

    Rick & Steve

    Tripping the Rift

    Life’s A Zoo

    I’m sure this counts: You can download The TSN broadcasts of CFL games. They’re categorized by team so here’s a link to TSN’s iTunes page.

    Guinea Pig ( (C) CTV, so…)

    On The Run ( (C) CTV, so…)

    Mega World ( (C) CTV, so…)

    Fashion Television Specials ( (C) CTV, so…)

    Fashion Television ( (C) CTV, so…)

    RAW ( (C) CTV, so…)

  2. I truly wish I could say Rent-A-Goalie were on iTunes but alas i can not. We tried and got close but then…

    …it all go boom.

    iTunes is a great deal by the by.

  3. Wow. I had no idea that there was so much available these days. I’m so used to iTunes Canada being a barren wasteland! Sorry to hear about Rent-A-Goalie Mr. Bolton :(

  4. Thanks snowy2004! I have some updating to do …

    Too bad about Rent-a-Goalie. Jenn, I was surprised by how much there was too… and then I thought, wait, why isn’t there *more*!

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