12 thoughts on “The Next Star finale tickets on sale now”

  1. i was woundering if u could find 2 tickets for me and my friend to go to the next star !if u find anywhere that has them plz let me know thxx bye

    1. hi i want to be on the next so i can be famus and make alboms and give segnachers to kids and mabe adalts thanks for reading this have a good day and i love evry thing that ravolvs music.

  2. Hi i know some of this is not a comment but please lisin to this and i hope you say yes i realy want to come to the next star i love music my first word or say song i singed something my momsaid i cant pay because i dont have that much mony and i know want your thinking how do i have the computer i am useing my friends so please some how can i come for free PS you Know how i said my e mail Joshlyn Mahil at yayo.ca the at part is wrong you do the at thing on the computer i just dont know how to do it bye the way the comment from me is asome cool good.

  3. Hi! Me and my sister, friend and mother all want to go to the Next Star. So if you have tickets let us know!

  4. OMGGG! I LOVE ALLSTAR WEEKEND! but I cant go :( I live in Montreal and I have school the next day.. :'( im saaad! Allstar Weekend, i still love you though :’)

  5. Hi :) I’m Zach Porter from Allstar Weekend and we’re going to be performing LIVE!
    Emily, Kelsey, I still love you guys! :)
    It sucks that you can’t make it though, maybe next time. :)

    Love, Zach Porter, Allstar Weekend ♥

  6. If you find 3 tickets plz let me know because me and my friend
    Won’t to see the next star


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